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Free Windows 10 Random Hashtag Generator App for Instagram

Tags for Instagram is a free Windows 10 random hashtag generator app which offers best hashtags so you don’t need to type them manually.



Tags for Instagram is a free Windows 10 random hashtag generator app which provides you best hashtags in considerable categories so you don’t need to type them manually. The application gives you heaps of categories and under every category, you can discover loads of hashtags which you can simply paste in the Instagram posts.

This random hashtag generator app can be downloaded from the Windows Store or from the URL given at the beginning of this article. When you open this application, you will see a screen like the one appeared in the screenshot beneath.

The main window of the application will list all the hashtag categories it has at the top of the application screen. And the hashtags from the staring category will be shown on the main screen. As should be obvious the categories have sub-categories and every sub-category will have loads of hashtags associated with them.

random hashtag generator

On the off chance that you like the hashtags provided under any category, then you can simply proceed and click the “Copy” button. Now, all the hashtags of that category will be copied to the clipboard. You can simply proceed and paste the hashtags to the images which you are posting on Instagram.

The “Unlock Pro Version” button will give you a chance to move up to a paid edition of the application. This can help you avoid the advertisements in the app. The categories at the top of the window contain mood, nature, family, animals, holidays, art, and so forth. You can look through the categories effectively by scrolling.

Summary of this Windows 10 Random Hashtag Generator App:

  1. Offers hashtags for Instagram images.
  2. Hashtags in various categories.
  3. Bunches of categories such as animals, food, art, family, nature, and more.
  4. Every category has multiple sub-categories.
  5. You can copy hashtags of any category by clicking the “Copy” button.
  6. Paste the hashtags on your images in Instagram.


Tags for Instagram is a helpful application for everybody. Everybody is on Instagram now and we do post a considerable amount of images on Instagram regularly. So to ensure that our images reach the right people it is essential to have the proper hashtags on the images. Writing out hashtags manually for every image can be a tedious task and you won’t have the patience to write more than a few of them. In any case, with this application, you can simply choose which category your image falls and simply copy/paste all the hashtags from that particular category. You can even paste hashtags from numerous categories. More hashtags would imply more users will wind up observing your images. So check this application out.

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