Get Instagram Followers for Free With These Websites

In this post, we will talk about different websites to get Instagram followers. You can get yourself or your friends a lot of free followers for your/their Instagram account within minutes.

I am sure that a lot of us Instagram users have, at some point or the other, received comments, on the pictures we share, from anonymous people to get more followers. There is a comment followed by some link. Generally, we tend to ignore these comments as some foul play as it seems weird that you can get followers like that. It appears to be some kind of scam. However, getting free followers is not any scam, but a reality. There are websites out there who can provide you with multiple followers within minutes. These followers are real & active users on Instagram and not some fake ones. You can not only get these followers for yourself but also choose the number of likes on your post. After all, what good is Instagram without followers & likes, right? This website has been discontinued is the first website that you can use to get Instagram followers. The website has a very good-looking interface and a user-friendly one as well. You can not only get followers for yourself, but also for your friends. You have to enter the Instagram username to get these followers. Not only followers, the website also allows you to have likes for your pictures.

You simply have to enter the link of the image for which you want these likes. Secondly, you have to select the number of followers, or likes you want. There is an upper limit of 10,000 followers/likes per day that you cannot breach. Enter the generate button after that and see the magic come alive. You can also share your experience on the website for others to read. Check out the link above.

Free Followers: This website has been discontinued

The second website to get Instagram followers is Free Followers. The website provides up to 10,000 free followers to its users within 3 hours of using the website. You cannot get more than 10,000 followers using this website, although the website has a total of 18,000 followers available on Instagram. The method of providing all these followers for free is that the website has around 18,000 active followers of its own on the social networking platform.

When you use the platform to raise your followers, these followers of the website start following you. Thus, you get up to 10,000 active followers for free. The remaining 8,000 followers are always kept on standby for emergency use. Check out the link above to get all these followers for yourself.

Free Instagram Followers: This website has been discontinued

The third website in the list to get Instagram followers is Free Instagram Followers. There is a four step process that you got to follow on this website to get yourself some free Instagram users. First up, you need to enter the username of the account to which you want to add up the followers. Secondly, you need to choose the number of followers you want, with the upper limit being 11,000.

Thirdly, you got to fill up a survey form to prove that you are a human. This survey is a bit lengthy and is used to make sure that you are a genuine user. Finally, all you got to do is wait for some time till the followers are added to the chosen account. It does not take much time to get those followers. So, hit the link above and start going through the process.

Social Gainer: This website has been discontinued

The final website to get Instagram followers is Social Gainer. This website works pretty differently from the others mentioned in this article. It is like an exchange system. The website allows you to gain followers on not just Instagram, but other social networking platforms as well. So, you can login with anyone and start playing. You have to perform a different task like, Like, share, follow, etc. other users. For each task, you earn some points that are adding to your account.

You can then use these points to promote yourself in the circle by inviting others to gain points by following, liking you. To make sure you entice enough users, make sure you provide enough points for every task. You yourself wont go on doing any task that does not earn you enough, and neither will others. So, earn big and spend big. Check out the link above.


These websites are the best and perfect way to get Instagram followers for free. So, go through these websites and get yourselves enough followers & limelight, for free. Do write back to us to share your experience.

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