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How to Flag Fake News on Facebook Automatically

See how to flag fake news on Facebook automatically. There are so many fake news on FB are roaming around and they need to be stopped see how



We all like reading news no matter if it is online or offline. But the situation becomes un-tolerable when you find out that a specific news you read yesterday was fake. Also, we read some news headlines on Facebook every day. And many times, we simply believe that news we are reading is real. There is no time for us to verify that news and that is why I am writing this guide. Here I will explain about how to flag fake news on Facebook automatically. And to achieve this, I will take help of a handy Chrome extension known as Project Fib.

Project Fib Chrome extension marks news as “verified” if it’s real. And if it is not then it marks that news as “not verified”. It makes it easy for you to identify fake news on Facebook. It saves you from misleading and also, it saves your time that you would have wasted in reading or fake news. Since fake news are spreading on Facebook gradually day by day. And Facebook is trying hard to make it better to catch the fake news to make FB clean. So, it is a good idea to automatically flag fake news on Facebook with the help of Project Fib.

How to Flag Fake News on Facebook Automatically?

Project Fib chrome extension works in a very simple way. There is nothing you have to configure or touch in order to find any flag fake news on Facebook. We just have to keep browsing Facebook in the same way as usually do. If you come across any news on Facebook then you will see a verification label over it. If the label says it is “verified” then you can go on and read that otherwise just ignore that news. In the similar context yesterday, I wrote about flagging clickbaits on Facebook.

So, without wasting much time, add Project Fib to Chrome from Chrome store. After that when its icon appears on Chrome toolbar then you can start using it. To use this extension, you just have to open Facebook and browser News Feed as you do. Find a news and if it is a real news you will see a verified label over it. Otherwise, you can ignore that news and move on to the next.

project fib flagging fake news

See how easy is it to flag fake news on Facebook automatically. Project Fib is a really a nice piece of work that uses some techniques to mark news as fake or real using a verification label on it.

Bottom Lines:

Finding and flagging fake news on Facebook was never so easy before Project Fib came in. If you don’t like fake news on Facebook then you can easily use this extension to reduce it.

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