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Top 5 File Explorer Alternatives for Windows 10

In this post, we will talk about top 5 File Explorer alternatives for Windows 10. You can use them as other option to Windows native File Explorer for free.



In this post, we will talk about top 5 File Explorer alternatives for Windows 10. You can use them as other option to Windows native File Explorer (if you don’t like it) for free. Those who aren’t precisely certain what Windows Explorer is, how about we simply say that it’s the piece of Windows that showcases practically the whole desktop.

Many people prefer to use the built-in File Explorer in Windows 10, yet numerous nerds lean toward third-party File managers. All things considered, Windows Explorer doesn’t have a dual-pane window, tabs, bulk file renaming, and more propelled features. If you like to use the default File Explorer, then it’s fine. But, if you think some features are missing in the default File Explorer and want to try something new, then these alternatives might help you with that.

So, here are the top 5 alternatives to Windows 10 File Explorer.

Xplorer² – Lite

Xplorer² – Lite is one of the best File Explorer alternatives for Windows 10 which provides a large collection of useful features. Using this alternative, you not only get dual -pane view, but also tabbed user experience. The dual-pane view can help you open two different folders simultaneously, similar to folders shown in the image.

file explorer alternatives for windows 10

Another fascinating feature accessible in this File Explorer is the default folder synchronization feature. It makes folders sync a very easy task. Some of the other features worth specifying are built-in command prompt which you will see under the ribbon menu, bulk renaming tool, a propelled “Find” tool, and so on. However, the lite version is quite limited in features and usefulness.

The look of the File Explorer user interface is pretty modern and you will see a ribbon menu at the top, tabs at the bottom of the panel, etc. Take note that you can set up the dual-pane view in both horizontally and vertically. When you’re installing it, you will be prompted to replace the native Windows 10 File Explorer with Xplorer² – Lite. If you wish to do so then you can make Xplorer² – Lite as the default File Explorer on your PC, and trust me it will be a decent decision.


Explorer++ is actually an enhanced clone or version of Windows 10 native File Explorer, with extra elements. One of the best features accessible in Explorer++ is “Tabs”. Tabs are one of those features that even the Windows 10 is missing. However, the look of the whole interface is quite the same as that of the default File Explorer of Windows 10, as should be obvious from the image.

On the left sidebar, there will be a directory or index tree which can be used for quickly accessing different directories. The context menu which appears after right-click is basically the same as that of default Windows 10 File Explorer. You will also see various options at the top of the interface in order to open a new directory in a separate tab.

On the right side, you will see the main panel where you can browse files and folders. You will also see the tabs at the top of the right side which works simply like the web browser tabs. The system and the folder or file information will be visible at the bottom bar. At the top corner, you will see the options for cut, copy, paste, bookmarking, search, layout change, and more. This File Explorer alternative is versatile easy to use.


Q-Dir is accessible in both portable and installable renditions. It exhibits the dual pane functionality as accessible in Xplorer² Lite and enables you to open 4 different panels at once. This is an exceptionally one of a kind feature not found in any of File Explorer alternatives explained in this post.

In every panel, you can open a different folder directory. Folders and files can be effortlessly moved between all the panels, making it the ideal solution in case you’re overseeing bunches of images, files, audio files, documents, and so on. Upper right corner has a vast choice of various layouts that can be picked. You also get dual pane in a vertical stack, side-by-side dual pane, side-by-side quad pane, etc.

There are many shortcuts available to open new text file inside respective folders which are opened in panels, command prompt, and more are accessible. There are other features such as bookmarks, advanced search tool, file/folder list printing, and more.

Unreal Commander

Unreal Commander is another simple File Explorer alternatives for Windows 10 with some interesting file management features and tools.

First of all, it provides folder synchronization which you can use to analyze and sync data between two different file directories which are opened in a dual-pane mode. Each of the two accessible panels can have numerous directories opened in tabs. Another intriguing feature accessible in Unreal Commander is “FTP” support that makes it emerge from the various Windows File Explorer alternatives. It can associate with remote FTP servers and oversee files there also.

Free Commander

FreeCommander is a decent choice in case you’re searching for a dual pane interface, tabs, and the various effective functionalities which a File Explorer for Windows 10 can offer. Dissimilar to a large number of the other accessible File Explorers, it’s accessible altogether for free, despite the fact that it isn’t open-source. You’re allowed to utilize it all you like, notwithstanding for business purposes. No functionalities are confined to some kind of pro release you need to pay for.


These are a few File Explorer alternatives that you can add to your Windows 10 PC, and add some interesting features that aren’t available in the native File Explorer. Give them a try and comment about them below.

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