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7 Free Flowchart Software For Windows

These are free flowchart software which allow you to create flowcharts and other diagrams like network, entity relationship, UML, etc.



These are free flowchart software for Windows which allow you to create flowcharts. Flowcharts are the diagrams which represent a workflow or process. It is drawn by using various elements like start, terminator, process, predefined process, decision, input data, output, direct-access data, user message, annotation, begin loop, end loop, etc. These software contain these specific shapes to allow you to create flowcharts. You have connectors to associate nodes in a flowchart. These allow you to insert custom labels to nodes and prepare an informative flowchart. You may save drawn flowcharts as images, pdf, graph files. Besides flowcharts, these software are useful for drawing UML, Network, BPMN, SBGN, ER, data flow, etc. diagrams.

Let’s checkout these free flowchart software:

yEd Graph Editor:

yEd Graph Editor is a free flowchart software for Windows. It offers a Palette where you have exact shapes to draw a flowchart. You are just required to open Flowchart shapes and use various shapes as elements of a flowchart. These shapes are start, terminator, process, predefined process, decision, data, direct-access data, user message, annotation, begin loop, end loop, etc. To connect elements of a flowchart, you may use edges. It offers neighborhood, overview, structure view, and properties view so that you can draw flowchart with ease. You are allowed to customize layout of flowchart, use custom labels for each node in the flowchart.

More features of yEd Graph Editor:

  • Besides flowchart, you are also allowed to draw other kinds of diagram e.g. UML, Network Diagram, BPMN, SBGN, etc.
  • It contains a tool to analyze a graph in terms of topology, node count, etc. It offers more tools which are Centrality Measures, Colorize Graph, Reverse Selected Edges, Geometric Transformation, Auto Grouping, etc.
  • You may import and export files and figures in some formats that are xgml, graphml, xls, xlsx, tgf, ged, pdf, etc.


Dia is a free open source flowchart maker software. You may use flowchart elements from the drop down menu to make a flowchart. It offers required shapes which you need to draw a flowchart such as process, input, output, decision, preparation, off page connector, etc. Besides that, a number of connectors are given which are used in associating flowchart elements. It offers tools to modify text, magnify, draw shapes, etc. Plus, you have layers, object, selection options. Besides this, you can draw UML, Network, BPMN, ER, Database, etc. diagrams. You can save flowchart as images, dxf, cgm, vdx, and more files.

Dynamic Draw:

Dynamic Draw is a free software where you have flowchart specific tools to draw flowcharts. It provides information on each element which is used in making flowchart. You may add and connect elements to draw full flowchart. It allows you to insert custom labels to nodes. It is a diagram maker, hence, you have drawing tools in this software e.g. selection, line, rectangle, text, rotation, and many other tools. You may print flowchart and save the diagram as templates.


Pencil is an open source flowchart software for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. It contains all flowchart specific elements needed to draw a flowchart. You may customize labels, alignment, font, node location. It also has other diagram attributes such as Desktop Prototype GUI, Mobile iOS Wireframe, Widgets, Sketchy GUI, etc. Plus, you have cliparts to insert into diagrams. Flowchart and other diagrams can be exported as PNG, single web page, PDF, SVG, ODT.


ClickCharts is a flowchart maker software. You can open flowchart menu and use specific shapes and connectors which create a flowchart. You also have a default flowchart template which you may edit. It allows you to customize font of node labels. You may insert an image into your flowchart. You can export final flowchart as image, pdf, or email it. Besides flowchart, you may draw UML, ER, data flow, brainstorming, organization, etc. diagrams.

Note: It is allowed to use free of charge for any non-commercial use only.

Diagram Designer:

Diagram Designer is another free flowchart software. It contains colorful elements which help you make an impressive flowchart. Besides flowchart, you may draw GUI design, UML diagrams, diagrams with electronic symbols. You have spellcheck, font customizer, set layer color, etc. options to modify diagrams. It has a history panel to view steps taken in drawing flowcharts or other diagram. You may export flowchart as emf, gif, jpg, png, pcs, etc. files.

Software Ideas Modeler:

Software Ideas Modeler is a free flowchart software. Besides flowchart, it can be used for creating a lot of other diagrams such as ER, UML, Data Flow, Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram, Timing Diagram, etc. It has sorted elements of flowcharts with corresponding names. You have common drawing tools and connectors in it. You may view layers and overall preview of generated flowchart. It allows you to export diagrams as images.

Note: It allows you to use this software without any charge for educational and non-commercial use only.


These free flowchart software are quite handy in creating a lot of diagrams along with flowcharts. I personally liked yEd Graph Editor which has a extended set of tools to draw diagrams like flowcharts. You may analyze created diagrams in this software. Other software are also good as far as flowchart making is concerned. You may try any of these software according to your requirements. Do let me know your experience with the software you use.

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