How To Password Protect Any EXE File In Windows

See how to password protect any EXE file in Windows. Use the software described here to lock any program and other executable files on your PC.



If you often share your PC or Laptop, then surely there are some programs that you want to lock. And you can easily do that because, in this article, I will tell you how to password protect any EXE file in Windows. There is a software called Protect EXE that can do that in an easy way. Whether there is a Game or any other program on your PC, using this software, you will be able to lock that. And after locking, if someone will try to open that file, then it will ask for the password first, in order to open.

That’s was enough to make you understand what it takes to password protect any EXE file in Windows. So, now let’s move on and get more details about the process to protect any EXE file.

How to Password Protect any EXE File in Windows?

Protect EXE is a very nice freeware to password protect any EXE file. The software can lock an executable file for you and unlock that too. And it’s pretty simple software that even a newbie can use without having any technical knowledge.

Protect EXE  is a portable software, so it’s pretty easy to use it to password protect an EXE file without installing it. You can run it from a pen drive as well and protect your executable files from unauthorize access.

Locking the EXE files with Protect EXE  is very simple. To use it, first, download it from here and then run it. On its main window, you will see some buttons and text boxes to enter the password from the EXE file that you want to lock. Use the browse button to locate the EXE file that you want to lock and type the password for it. After that, hit the Cryptexe button, and your file will be locked.

From now on whenever you will open the file that you have locked, it will prompt for a password first. And after entering the correct password, you will be able to unlock to run the executable.


I am amazed by the Protect EXE freeware and its functionality. The software is very powerful and easy to use. Using this software, you can easily password protect any EXE file in Windows. Also, the same software can be used to unlock the file that you have just locked using it. So, go ahead if you want to lock any EXE file on you PC or laptop, then Protect EXE  is worth a shot.


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