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Create Encrypted Virtual Drive in Windows to Protect Confidential Files

If you keep confidential files in the traditional way of hiding in folders. Then you have to upgrade to a new way by creating an encrypted virtual drive.



If you often deal with sensitive data on your PC, then you know how hard it is to keep that safe. There are some traditional methods like hiding files in nested directories, but that doesn’t work either. So, you need a one which is both; strong and dependable. And that’s why today I will you how to create encrypted virtual drive in Windows to protect confidential files. To achieve this, I will take help of a freemium software, calls itself Secret Disk. The software comes in paid version as well in the free version. There are more features in Pro version of the software, but here, I shall be focusing on the free version of Secret Disk.

Secret Disk tool lets you create an encrypted virtual drive to store files in it. You can password protect it the virtual drive. And not only this, the biggest advantage of the software is that the virtual drive that it creates remains secret. Means that the virtual drive won’t how up in the Explorer, so it’s hard to guess for the third person at you have hidden your files in place which is not visible. Hence, the security level provided by Secret Disk is quite powerful.

What does it take to Create Encrypted Virtual Drive in Windows, Protect Confidential Files?

Secret Disk is a very small software which lets you create a secret and encrypted virtual drive. The virtual drive always remains invisible and you can make it visible at the time of copying files in it. Password protection is another advantage of the software. So, if someone knows that you have created a hidden virtual drive on your PC, he will still not be able to unlock it.

You can download Secret Disk from its homepage. After that, install it and configure it to make an encrypted virtual drive.

After when you have installed it on your system. The first thing it will ask you is to set pin that it will use to lock your virtual drive. So, enter a pin that you will never forget. Also, it asks you to enter your email address to recovery. After setting your pin, it will show you the virtual drive. You can click on it to add details about it like change its name, drive letter, etc.secret disk installation

Now, click on the Open Disk button and then the drive will appear in the Explorer. Copy-Paste the confidential file in the drive and when done come back to the Secret Disk’s interface and click on Close Disk.

secret disk virtual drive

So, use this software like that I have explained. You will have to enter our pin whenever you want to open the secret virtual drive.

Wrap Up:

Secret Disk will let you create an encrypted virtual drive and you will live without worrying about that someone would compromise with your data. So, if you are one of those who use to keep confidential files in the traditional way. Then you have to change this paradigm to whole new one. Go ahead and try Secret Disk .

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