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PDF Anti Copy Software to Protect PDF Documents from Being Copied

In this post, we will talk about a pdf anti copy software that can protect pdf files from being copied. Also, prevent from converting into editable formats.



PDF Anti-Copy is a powerful PDF anti copy software to protect PDF documents from being copied. After you process your PDF files using this software, the files can be viewed using PDF viewers or readers, but the content of the PDF documents can never be copied. Other than that, it also prevents your PDF documents from being converted into editable files like Text, Word, and Excel. It also comes with the feature for selecting page processing which allows you to select specific pages of any PDF file and protect them from copying or converting.

There are many PDF tools available which let you password protect PDF files and also prevent content copying, but there are also many PDF cracking tools which can unlock these securities. However, this software processes all the content of PDF documents in such a way that no PDF cracking tools can make them copyable or convert into editable file formats.

How to Protect PDF Documents from Being Copied or Converted into Editable Formats?

Step 1: Download PDF Anti-Copy. Then install and launch it on your PC.

Step 2: Now, click on the “Open File” button and select the PDF file for processing. Then select the page by checking the page under “Anti-Copy” section. If the PDF file has multiple pages, then you can also choose specific pages for processing.

Step 3: After that, you can select the output location by browsing the file explorer. Then click “Start Now” button to start processing the PDF file. You can see the progress of processing below the output location.

Step 4: When the processing is complete the content of the PDF file can’t be copied anymore. Also, no PDF cracking tools can convert the PDF file into editable files like Text, Excel, Word, etc.


PDF Anti-Copy is a perfect anti-copy software for PDF documents, that can process your PDF files and protect them from being copied. The files will also be prevented from converting into editable formats. The best thing is that it keeps the original quality and PDF format after processing your file. It is also completely free to use and very lightweight.

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