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Freeware to See Periodic Table of Elements with Atomic Number, Symbol

Periodic Table Of Elements is a free software which shows detailed information of each element on the periodic table.



Periodic Table Of Elements is a free software which shows detailed information of each element on the periodic table. This software is easy to install and has a very user-friendly interface.

If you are interested in science elements and their properties, then this table will be very helpful to you. You will get a complete list of chemical elements and related detailed information. It represents elements in the same pattern as in Mendeleev’s periodic paper chart. It will show element atomic number, atomic weight, melting point, boiling point, isotopes and related information, etc. It shows elements of different groups in different colors and highlights elements of a selected group. It also shows the structure of electronic shells.

As it is well known that a visual picturization is very effective to memorize anything. So, this Periodic table is very helpful in memorizing all elements because of its similar looks with paper chart Periodic Table. This Table is a modern representation of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.

How to Use This Free Periodic Table of Elements Software?

As we know that Periodic Table Of Elements contains a list of chemical elements with other related information about each element. You can easily read about element details, their isotopes and see elements of any selected group. Elements of different groups are represented in different colors so that each group can be easily read.

When you click on an element, then a window containing information about selected element opens. It provides below-mentioned information of an element (also shown in below screenshot):

  • Atomic information including Element Name, Atomic Number, Atomic Symbol, Atomic Weight, Electronic Configuration, Atomic Radius, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Oxidation States.
  • List of Isotopes with Half Life of each isotope.
  • Other Facts about selected element like Discoverer, Name Origin, Uses, Obtained from.
  • Diagram of Electronic Shell.

So, you can see that it is very simple to know about detailed information of any element using this software of Periodic Table Of Elements.

Apart from showing information about each element, this Periodic Table Of Elements also shows all elements of a selected group like Non-Metal, Alkali Metal, etc. There is a row for the name of groups in different colors available at the bottom of the page.

To see the list of elements of a particular group, you have to select and hold that group icon. Then all elements of that group will be highlighted. Please refer below screenshot, in which Transition Metal is selected and all elements of this group get highlighted.

Periodic Table of Elements


  • No option for export is available.
  • Doesn’t tell many other details like element’s compound, usage, reactivity, abundance, etc.
  • It doesn’t let you copy information of elements, you can read only.


Periodic Table of Elements shows a nice representation of all chemical elements. It looks familiar, so it will remain in your mind with picture and help you to learn elements sequentially. Although this periodic table of elements doesn’t let you do anything else except reading, still it is useful in memorizing elements with their details.

Try this software for learning Periodic Table of Elements and suggest if I missed anything in the comments section below.

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