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3 Image to ePub Converter Software for Windows

Here are 3 free Image to ePub converter software for Windows. They allow you to convert different types of images into ePub files with ease.



In this post, you will learn about 3 free ePub converter software for Windows. They allow you to convert distinctive image formats such as BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and more into an ePub file. After you convert and get an ePub output, there are a great deal of ePub readers apps and software available using which you can read them. Some of the browsers (like Microsoft Edge) also allows you to open and read a ePub file.

These ePub converter software can give great output, however you may need to invest some time to have the proper output of course. You can utilize numerous different choices like create eBooks, edit eBooks, convert images to MOBI, and so on.

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Kindle Comic Converter:

Kindle Comic Converter gives you a simple option to create ePub files by converting files like GIF, PNG, CBR, CBZ, CB7, JPG, and many more. Actually, it doesn’t support images for direct conversion. However, you can make a compressed file or ZIP file with RAR or 7z configuration and after that drag and drop that file to its interface for converting it. It is likewise useful to make output files as MOBI, AZW3, and CBZ formats.

You can alter numerous options for the output file. For instance, you can choose the device type for which you need to create the ePub file (such as Kobo Aura, Kindle 1, Kindle 2, Kindle Touch, and so forth), stretch, upscale, enable/disable Manga mode, and so on. You should likewise enable the color mode option. Else, it will create the output in grayscale mode. Additionally, you have to spend a little time to tweak these options so a decent output can be produced.


Sigli is in reality more helpful to make an ePub file without any preparation or from scratch. This is an open source ePub converter software which you can also use for editing ePub files. You can editing existing files or make ePub files by including custom sound, text, images, video, and so on. To utilize it as an image to ePub converter, you need to open a new file and right-click on the blank region. Then it will give an option named “Insert File”. Utilizing that option, you can import an image file from your PC.

Thusly, you can include more images. You will likewise have the option to see each image independently in different tabs on its interface. To save the resulting ePub file, you have to use the “File Menu” and “Save As” option. This will generate the ePub file.


bookbin is another valuable image to ePub converter software. It is just like the Sigli software referenced previously. You can utilize it to make eBooks from images, videos, audio, and so on. The resulting file can be saved as ePub file or in iBooks format.

You can utilize the “Insert” menu on its interface and after that include images from your PC. You an add multiple images one by one. For each image, it lets you add rights, caption, and other options. When the images are included, use the “Publish” option in the “File” menu and select “ePub” as the output file format. This is how you an use this software to convert images to ePub files with ease.


These are some decent software to convert images to ePub with ease. While these give a nice output, I incline toward “Sigli”. It is an across the board and open source eBook creator, editor, and converter software.

Do let me know which one you liked the most in the comments below.

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