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Find Frequent Flyer Miles Rewards of Any Destination Online

FlyerMiler is a useful web application to find frequent flyer miles rewards of any destination. See frequent flyer miles award you can avail to travel free.



FlyerMiler is a useful web application to find frequent flyer miles rewards of any destination. It displays different frequent flyer miles awards you can avail to travel free of cost between two destinations as defined by different airline services. You can choose the deal that works best for you from the displayed list and further, check out the whole route. All you have to do is just select the airport of your current city and the airport of the international destination you are traveling to. FlyerMiler will return to you with an award chart of the available frequent flyer miles from different. FlyerMiler will help you compare the shortest flights and tell you if they offer in-flight services or not.

This web application is aimed at Globetrotters to help them travel any place they want in completely free of charge or with a discount. It will help them to travel more and worry less about the cost. You can also subscribe to their newsletters for awesome traveling tips, and to become a “travel hacker”.

So, let’s check out FlyerMiler.

How to Find Best Frequent Flyer Miles Rewards using FlyerMiler?

When you first open FlyerMiler, you’ll see a world map, a search bar on the top-left and two panels on the right and bottom. The search bar will ask you to enter the ‘To’ and ‘From’ destination where you’ll enter your destination and the airport where you will board the plane from, respectively. When you enter both, hit ‘Enter’ on and the bottom panel will be populated with all the matching flights of different airline services.

There are two main tabs on the bottom panel: Awards and Routes. When you search for flights between the two, the award panel will be populated with airlines, their award chart, origin, destination, cost in miles, class and if they provide in-flight service or not.

You can choose the desired award chart based on the airline service and award program. They can be arranged based on their given attributes by clicking their respective column titles. You can also change the travel class from the panel on the right. There are 4 classes with checkboxes, namely economy, business, premium economy and first class. Unchecking any one of them will remove the unselected type of class.

On the right of the bottom panel will be the award details. This will give you extra info on every award that you choose from the search results. It will tell you the award chart type, award notes, cost notes, restriction, etc. so make sure you check out the panel unless you want to end up paying for the ‘free ride’. Right below, you can also subscribe to their newsletters for traveling tips to become a “travel hacker”.

frequent flyer miles

When you choose an award, switch to the Routes tab where you can select the appropriate route based on the distance and number of flight changes. The routes will be reflected in the map too.


This web application is completely free and will be very helpful to world voyagers to have the best traveling experience with less time and less cost. The only thing that it lacks is an integration to buy the tickets with frequent flyer mile claim.

Know a better alternative to FlyerMiler? Share it in the comments!

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