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Share Encrypted Text Online with Encrypt.One, Self Destructs After Viewed

Looking for free service to share encrypted text, file wth others? Then use the service explained here to send self-destructing encrypted text, file.



Sharing some secrets online is not a big deal nowadays. You can use certain services which allow you to do that. For example, you can use Pastebin to do the same, or you can use end to end encryption in Gmail. But the problem of using these is that they don’t provide the self-destruction for the shared content. And that’s’ why today I will tell you about a very powerful website to share encrypted text for free and which will self-destruct after the user read it. The website which lets you do this calls itself Encrypt.One. You can type text, encrypt it with a passphrase and share it via URL that it will give you.

Encrypt.One not only lets you share a piece of text, but you can share a secret file (not larger than MB) as well along with the text. And the encryption takes place at your end which means that the data will enter Encrypt.One’ server in un-understandable form. The link that it will give you will work only once. When the recipient has read the text/file that you have shared, it will delete it from the server.

How to Share Encrypted Text Online with Encrypt.One?

Using Encrypt.One is very simple and you will end up sharing your text or file in a few moments. There is no complicated steps or procedure is there to you will find difficult. Just securely share your text and sit back, relax. You can share the text to anyone you want via URL that Encrypt.One will provide and you can share the passphrase over phone or email.

Open the homepage of Encrypt.One in whatever browser you are using. After that, you will see various boxes there you have to fill accordingly. In the first box, you see you can type the secret text that you want to share. Next, if you want to attach some kind of file (document or image), then you can upload it using the ‘Secret file‘ box. At last, provide the passphrase and hit the ‘Encrypt‘ button and it will give a URL that you can share with the person you want. Don’t forget to share the passphrase too.

encrpyt-one enter text

Now, when that person who has received the URL will open it, it will take him to the page where Encrypt.One has saved the text. It will ask him to enter the passphrase. After entering the correct passphrase, he will be able to see the text that was shared with him along with the file which he can download on his computer. And then the shared text and file will be deleted from the server of Encrypt.One.

encrypt-one shared text

That’s all it takes to share encrypted text online.


Encrypt.One is very powerful and one of the best way to share encrypted text. I really like it and its simplicity is what that made me write about it. So, if you like sharing secrets over the internet, then give Encrypt.One a try.

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