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Web Browser with Media Player, FTP Client, IRC Chat Client, Email Client

BriskBard is a simple web browser with Media Player client, FTP client, IRC Chat client, Email client, News Aggregator, Contact manager, and more.



BriskBard is a free web browser for Windows with many unique features. It is basically a combination of many useful clients in one software. The unique features of this web browser include Media Player client, FPT client, IRC Chat client, Email client, News Aggregator, Usenet NewsReader, Contact manager, etc. The browser also has dedicated options for Domain’s Whois information, Domain’s name resolution information, Telnet client, etc.

It has a tabbed interface, with the freedom to arrange tabs horizontally or vertically. It also allows you to set different colors for different tabs to easily recognize them. For now, the browser is available in two languages; English and Spanish, however, there is a translation manager to translate texts to other languages.

Let’s take a detailed look at what this browser has in store for us.

Web Browser with Multiple Useful Windows Clients:

BriskBard is a free web browser with useful features as follows.

Web Browser:

The first and foremost feature of BriskBard is its web browser. Its web browser is quite similar to other top browsers like Chrome and Firefox. However, it also comes with some unique features that distinguish this browser from others. The browser allows you to change the color of each tab so that you can remember different tabs with their color. For changing the color of the tabs, you just need to right-click on the tab and choose the color you want. You can even change the layout of the browser from horizontal to vertical, from the dedicated option in the menu. This basically moves the tabs from a horizontal position to vertical position.

It supports the latest technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, hardware acceleration, etc. It even allows you to send Do Not Track header to the server and thus helps you in protecting your personal details online. It is capable of automatically detecting RSS and Atom feed. It also allows to import/export bookmarks in different formats. It provides Phishing and Malware protection against suspicious websites, with the help of  PhishTank and Google Safe Browsing. You can also use the browser to directly get Domain’s Whois information, Telnet, and Domain’s name resolution information.

Email Client:

You can get the email client of BriskBard directly from the menu. However, you first need to configure incoming (IMAP) and outgoing mail server (SMTP) for your email accounts separately. The email client allows you to manage multiple email accounts. It even allows to compose and edit HTML emails. Its message editor also supports spell checker which point outs any spelling mistakes. You can even Print or Save emails directly from the email client. The client also supports filters to find messages easily.

FTP File Transfer Client:


The FTP client in this browser allows you to access FTP servers. It has a dedicated download and upload manager for FTP servers. The client allows you to create, edit, and remove folders. You can even open, rename, and delete files with the FTP client.

Media Player:

The media player of this browser allows you to play both audio and videos from local files as well as online sources. For playing media files from online sources you need to provide the link to the online source. It also supports full-screen mode to view videos in full screen. The client supports PLS, M3U, and M3U8 playlists. It also supports audio visualizers likes Wave, Line Spectrum, Bar spectrum or VUmeter.

IRC Chat Client:

With this IRC chat client, you get access to most of the popular Internet Relay Chat servers (IRC). You can even customize the foreground and background text colors for the chat. IRC server bookmarks can be imported or exported in XBEL format.

News Aggregator:

News Aggregator client of BriskBard is like any other news or feed reader. It supports both RSS and Atom format for aggregating all subscribed online contents at one place. You can check your subscriptions for RSS feeds with on-screen notifications. You can also import or export subscriptions in OPML format. Old subscriptions can be set to be deleted automatically.

Usenet Newsreader:

BriskBard also has a separate Usenet Newsreader client. This client allows you to access Usenet newsgroups servers from all around the world. It also has a newsgroup subscription manager for easy handling of all your newsgroup subscriptions. You can even save or print any article.

Contact Manager:

web browser

This browser also has a dedicated contact manager where you can easily store all your contacts. it even allows you to create new contacts. It supports vCard 4.0 and you can easily export or import contacts in vCard (VCF) format.


This web browser is quite handy as it supports many useful clients like media player, email client, FTP file transfer client, news reader client, etc. All these clients worked well during my testing. The web browser itself looks quite promising with its colorful tabs and all. It is also completely free to use.

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