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Free Twitter Analytics Tool To Know More About A Twitter User: Burrrd

Here’s a free Twitter analytics tool. Use this tool to analyze a Twitter user in a single shot. Know number of followers, tweets, likes, top keywords, etc.



No, doubt that Twitter has become a most popular microblogging social network today. There are millions of Twitter users around the world including your friends and family. The Twitter profile of any Twitter user can only give you a basic glimpse of him/her. To get some additional details about a particular Twitter user, I will tell you about a free Twitter analytics tool. Using this tool you will be able to analyze a Twitter user in just a single shot. And to do that, I will use a free web service, Burrrd.

Free Twitter Analytics Tool To Know More About-min

Burrrd is a completely free web app, that shows detailed stats of Twitter users.You can easily see details like top keywords use by a user, all of his followers, all the people he is following, the total number of tweets, monthly graph, average tweets, latest tweet, total hashtag, etc. All these details, you can easily analyze from the web interface of Burrrd. However, you will no be able to download any of these stats. You can only see the analytics report.

What can this free Twitter Analytics tool show you about a Twitter user?

A brief summary of Burrrd I have already stated above. But to get in depth of this tool, I will tell you all about this Twitter tool. It is very simple in use and lets you see the details about a twitter user by jut providing the Twitter handle of that user. You don’t have to follow a prior registration process to use this service. Just visit its home page and start using it.

Visit the home page of Burrrd and then type the Twitter username of the user you wanna analyze. After you type the Twitter handle, then it will show you the following details about that user:

The number of tweets, followers, following, and likes on tweets.

number of tweets followers

Monthly tweet’s graph

number of tweets followers

Average Tweet

average tweets

Most liked tweet and Most retweeted tweet

most liked retweeted tweet


top mentions-min

Top 20 Words by the users

top keywords-min

Top 20 hashtags by the users

top keywords-min


Burrrd is what I was looking for many days. I actually wanted to know the most retweeted Tweets of my favorite actor. And then I heard about this free Twitter analytics tool. And when I used it, then it gave me what I was looking for many days. If you’ve got a Twitter user whom you want to know more about, then Burrrd is waiting for you to tell you all about him Just give it a try.

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