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Online World Weather Forecast and Visualization Service

VentuSky is a free online world weather forecast service that visualizes meteorological data of the world and can also predict the weather forecast.



VentuSky is a free online world weather forecast service that visualizes meteorological data of the world attractively and can also predict the weather forecast. The web interface of this service shows a topography of the whole world and the wind direction through running lines. VentuSky also lays out various meteorological parameters on the topography like Temperature, Snowfall, Rainfall, etc. VentuSky is a really useful service for meteorological professionals and weather buffs. Unlike most of the weather websites and apps out there, VentuSky is quite attractive in looks and its dynamics. Normal netizens like you and me can use this service to decide if we need to take out the umbrella, if it looks so in VentuSky.

World Weather Forecast

Let’s take a better look at VentuSky.

How to use VentuSky to Predict Weather

VentuSky looks pretty cool when you launch it on your browser. The colored map and wind tails running around give you the feeling of daily weather reports you see on news channels. On the left, you can toggle various meteorological parameters. Color code for all the parameter levels will be shown on the right.

Users can check out the weather specifications of a particular city by clicking on it. It includes the current weather, forecast, webcam live feeds and rising/retreating times of the sun and moon. Phase of the moon is also included.

Let’s check out the main forecasting visualization feature of VentuSky. You can manually navigate to any date to check out weather conditions of a region by clicking on the date. That way, you can check out weather conditions of specific place days before and days after. The map can be panned, scrolled, zoom with your mouse and you will notice the map doesn’t take much time to load a new region despite the truckload of dynamic elements on the map. Each parameter is fashioned as a layer on this map service. Only one layer can be turned on at a time. The layers show a distribution of various weather parameters over the map based on colors. Since the parameters vary with height from the earth’s surface, VentuSky includes a height toggle for each parameter to make results more accurate. You can compare map color distribution with the color coded level scale on the right. When you click on Temperature, you can notice the equatorial region falls red. It’s the monsoon season, so you’ll also see precipitation over South Asia.

There is a play button next to the timeline which shows a playback of the changing weather in hours and days to come. You can notice the changes in the parameters by the color as the playback progresses. The seek bar can be adjusted to see weather conditions on any given day.

Using VentuSky, I got to see some marvelous sights such as the air current over the Indian Ocean and the monsoon winds that originate from the Middle East and downpour in India. With VentuSky, I discovered two big hurricane formations southwest of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean.


This weather forecasting service is amazing and it gives a lot more than just weather forecasts. I don’t think there are many services like these that play back the weather forecast of the whole world. it’s USP also lies with the way everything has been presented in this service along with ease of use. This service is completely stable and I did not come across any errors or bugs.

Use VentuSky.

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