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How to use Night Mode in Chrome Browser, Invert Page Color, Relax Eyes

If you feel that the brightness of the Chrome bothering you while browsing, then don’t worry, here you will see how to use night mode in Chrome browser.



If you feel that the brightness of the Chrome browser bothers you while browsing, then don’t worry. Today I will tell you how to use night mode in Chrome browser. To do this, there is a Chrome extension available; calls itself Dark Reader. The extension is very powerful as it allows you to change brightness, contrast, grayscale level, etc. to give you a brightness level which you will like. The extension will put Chrome in night mode by inverting page color and it will relax your eyes during browsing at night.

Dark Reader introduces a dark theme effect in Google Chrome. After adding this extension, it will turn the traditional white background of websites to a dark color like black. The dark night mode in Chrome browser will give you a unique browsing experience. And when it comes how to use this extension, then let me tell you that it pretty easy to use it.

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Night Mode in Chrome Browser:

Dark Reader is a very easy to use extension for Chrome. It lets you change the brightness, contrast, grayscale, level of web page separately. The menu of the extension is so handy that you will only have to click on certain buttons to alter the brightness. Also, you can enable or disable the extension whenever you like.

Grab the extension from its Chrome Extensions page and add it to your Chrome browser. After that, you will see its icon in the toolbar of Chrome.

Dark Reader Chrome

Now your Chrome browser’s interface will be dark and you can enjoy hassle free night mode browsing. If you want to change some settings on a page, then click on its icon from the toolbar and do what changes you like to have. You can easily change the brightness, contrasts level of the page. Also, an on-off switch is given there to enable/ disable the extension.

dark reader in action

That’s all, this way you will end up using night mode in Chrome browser.


I was looking for ways to use night mode in Chrome for days. And then, I heard about Dark Reader extension and it has changed my browsing experience to a whole new level. While working late at night, I feel the native white background of Chrome is quite pricky. But, now I am happy with Dark Reader that it has taken away that pain.

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