How to Edit Windows Logon Message

Logon Message Editor is a free software to change or edit Windows Logon Message. Logon message is the message that appears during PC login.



Logon Message Editor is a free software to change or edit Windows Logon Message. Windows Logon message is the message that appears during PC login. This is the optional message that will display before login and you have to choose ‘OK’ option to go to the actual screen for login. Now, you can change that message easily using this software.

This Login Message Editor lets you add any text message that you want. You can add a title for the message, and then the main message text. This will be displayed whenever users login to the system. Do note this software does not let you add any image to the login screen, and you are limited to text messages only.

You can also change or apply logon messages via System Registry, but it needs editing the system Registry at binary level and it would be critical for PC. But the Windows Logon Message Editor lets you do this by just adding messages.

If you get bored of the Corporate messages or you want to add some warning messages for users, you can edit it by using this Windows Logon Message Editor Software.

Note: Corporate window logon messages are applied for security reasons so please do not change it without administrator permission.

For installation of this software, you just have to extract a Zip file.

How to Edit Windows Logon Message?

Windows Logon Message Editor is a free software which looks simple but works only when it is opened with “Run as Administrator” option. Otherwise, you can only read the Logon message and will not be able to make any changes. If you tried to do so, a window pop-up appears as shown in the below screenshot.

If Windows Logon Message Editor software is started with “Run as Administrator”, then you can make and save any changes. You just need to write a message in “Pre-Logon Message Section” and you can add any caption to “Pre-Logon caption section”. Save these changes and exit from the window by exit tab. As shown in below Screenshot, a message is added as Windows logon message. Now this message will appear whenever you login to Windows.

As you can see, three options are available at the bottom of the screen i.e. Save, clear, and Cancel. You can use these buttons to save any changes, clear the message and to cancel the changes.

If Pre-Logon Message screen is clear and no message is added, then no message will appear during login of PC. You will automatically redirect to the login screen.

Uses of Windows Logon Message editor:

Windows Logon message Editor can be used for following purposes:

  • For displaying a warning Message while logging into system,
  • For displaying some information for Multiuser system.
  • For Fun.
  • For Reminder of something, that will display while login.


Windows Logon Message Editor Software can edit or create a message that will appear during PC login. It will help you to turn your boring PC messages into fun messages.

So, try this software carefully and have fun. Suggest if I missed anything in the comments section below.

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