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How to Change Password on Windows 10

If you still don’t know how to change password on Windows 10, then you need to look over here. You will 2 handy methods to do that quickly.



Windows 10 is the latest operating system introduced by Microsoft a few years back.  The prior Windows 8 was good, but Microsoft made changes in that, added some extra features and rolled out the new release as Windows 10. All the features in Window 10 are quite complicated, and if a naive user uses it, he will face difficulties. And one such problem will come when a user will look for changing the account password. And to remove that difficulty, I will tell you how to change password on Windows 10.

The process of changing the Windows password in Windows 10 is quite a different than it used to be on Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows. Microsoft changed that method from Windows 8 and now you have to do the same using inner Windows settings. However, the DOS method still works and if you use certain commands, then you can easily change the Windows 10 Account password pretty easily. And I will tell you both the methods of changing Windows 10 passwords in below guide.

How to Change Password on Windows 10 using Windows Settings?

If you want to change the Windows 10 password in the easiest way, then go for this method. If you are a general user and quickly want to change the password, then this method is recommended. In this method, I will use the Windows 10 core settings app and change the password. And not only the password, using this same method, you will be able to change Pin or Picture password as well. So, now follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Start menu and click on Gear icon to open Windows Settings. After the Settings app opens up, click on Accounts and you will see the various Accounts settings parameters on the screen.

windows 10 system settings

Step 2: When you are in Account Settings, click on “Sign-in Options”. After that, you will see various password related settings will appear on the right side. Click on the type of the password you want to change. You can change the general Password, Pin and Picture password from here.

Windows 10 password change settings app

Step 3: When you click on the Change button, a window will pop up, asking you to enter the current password. After typing the correct current password, you will be prompted to enter the new password. And finally, after typing the Password hint, you will end up changing your Windows 10 password.

Windows 10 password change settings app

That was one way to change the password on Windows 10. Now I will tell you another way to change password n Windows 10 that is by command prompt.

How to Change Password on Windows 10 from Commandline?

If you are the one who approaches an adventurous method to achieve things, then this method of changing Windows 10 password is for you. And the best part is that this method will work on all Windows versions (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10). Here you will have to execute few commands to change the password of your account on Windows 10. However, if you are not an administrator of your PC, then this method may not work. So, I am assuming you to be the administrator of your PC. Go through these steps to do the same.

Step 1: Open Administrator command prompt. To do that, search for CMD in Start and after that right click on it. Chose Run as Administrator. The admin command prompt will appear on your screen.

OPEN admin CMD windows 10

Step 2: Run the following command and you will see all the users on your PC.

net user

Administrator Command Prompt net user

Step 3: Enter the following command (replace [name] with the name of your account). And it will ask you to enter the password for that account. After entering the password hit the Enter key. Next, it will ask you to enter the pass, again and so type it. Finally hit Enter key one last time and you’re done!

net user [name of account] *

change password on windows 10

This is all about how to change password on Windows 10. And both methods that I have explained above will let you do that in a few minutes.

Bottom Lines:

When I directly upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I didn’t know how to change password on Windows 10. I was faking out and realized that there are a lot of people out there that will face the same problem. So, I decided to share it by writing this article on how to change password on Windows 10. If you still face any problems in changing the password on Windows 10, then you can let me know in the comments.

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