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Sync Files, Folders in Windows 10 using TreeComp Freeware

Sync Files, Folders in Windows 10 using TreeComp Freeware. This software will let you have two folders on your PC in sync. See this guide…



Sometimes we want two different folders on our PC with the same content. And to manage those folders is a quite tough job. That’s why there is a feature called Folder Sync that you can use to do such task. You can place your files and other useful contents in a separate folder. And then you can bind that folder to another folder in which you want to have the same content. Finally, you can start sync and contents from one folder will be synced to the second folder automatically. Although this can’t be done with native windows features, you will need a software to that. And here is this post to demonstrate how to sync files, folders in Windows 10 using TreeComp freeware.

TreeComp is a freeware utility which will help you synchronize two folders always. You can use the software as a standalone one and you can also use it as a portable one (from a flash drive). It lets you select two folders that you want to keep in Sync. After that, you can monitor changes in files. It will show the files and will let you sync one folder with another. You can either synchronize files from left folder to right folder and the opposite.

How to Sync Files, Folders in Windows 10?

TreeComp freeware lets you define two directories as left one and the right one. After that, you can choose transfer files from one folder to another as per your requirements. Next, you can also selectively sync files from one folder to another. Or, you can also delete files which are not common in the two directories. The software is very well capable to handle the syncing task. You’ll just have to do a little configuration.

Let’s start now. After opening the software, click File > Select Directories menu. This will bring a window having two different trees side by side. You can specify the left folder in left tree and the second folder in the right tree. And after that click on Scan Immediately button.

Select directories treecomp

The software will show the files which need to be synced on the interface. You can then use the buttons on the top left side to start the sync. You can either start sync operation from left to right or right to left. And after doing that it will show you the list of files that will be copied to the destination folder.

Sync stats treecomp

In addition to that, you can set the different parameters to identify the files. You can configure that using the Compare Trees > More Options menu. In the dialog that appears you can opt for certain options.

Sync parameters treecomp

So, this is how you can sync files, folders in Windows 10 using TreeComp freeware. The software is very good to get that job done. However, you cannot let it do the sync operation automatically.

Download TreeComp

Bottom Lines:

The above post was about to sync files, folders in Windows 10 using TreeComp freeware. Now, you must have understood the working software. I like the software for its portability. It is quite useful in doing many sync tasks related to two folders. Also, if you are a regular Windows user, then you can try How to Transfer Files from PC to PC, Email notifier or Weather software.

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