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How to Use the Threaded Tweets Feature on Twitter

In this post, you will learn about how to use the threaded tweets feature on Twitter. Using this is easy and can help you post long tweets.



Twitter is definitely one of the best social networks of all time. But, one of the major limitations of this platform was that you can post a tweet with up to 140 words only. Be that as it may, Twitter might have listened to its millions of users and extended the word limit by doubling it from 140 words to 280 words. After this drastic change, Twitter also added a new feature called Tweet Threads. This feature lets you create threaded tweets so that you don’t have to post multiple tweets on a single topic. All the tweet content and replies can be in a single Tweet Thread.

And in this post, we will see how to use the threaded tweets feature on Twitter. It is literally very easy to use. You can create a threaded tweet from the compose box itself. Type a tweet, click on the Plus icon and write another tweet. This way the entire tweet thread can be posted on Twitter.

There are hundreds of external apps and bots out there which let you do many things on Twitter, for example, Auto Retweet Tweets Having a Specific HashtagAuto Favorite Tweets of a Specific Hashtag, etc. But, Tweet Threads is an inbuilt feature and you don’t need any installation to use it. It is accessible on the Twitter Web and mobile apps.

How to Use the Threaded Tweets Feature on Twitter?

Step 1: Open Twitter in the browser or the mobile app and compose a new tweet. Let us say, you have composed the tweet on the web version, then after that, you will see a Plus button below the compose box.

Step 2: Click on this button and then it will let you add another tweet to the same thread without posting the first one.

Step 3: So, after adding the second tweet, the Plus button will be enabled again and you can add the third tweet to the thread. In the same way, you can add multiple tweets to a single thread. When you have completed composing the threaded tweets, click on the Tweet All button to post the thread.

Step 4: The followers can see your threaded tweets and also join the thread if they want. They can simply reply to your tweets in order to join the thread. You can know about it more from this link.


Now, you know how to use the threaded tweets feature on Twitter. It is a very handy feature making it possible for all Twitter users to post long tweets without actually posting multiple tweets.

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