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Online Story Maker for Kids to Create Simple Stories with Cartoons, etc.

StoryTop is a free and simple online story maker for kids. This website lets you create your own comics, story, or cartoon books.



StoryTop is a free and simple online story maker for kids. This website lets you create your own comics, story, or cartoon books. It lets you add various cartoon images, backgrounds, text, different characters, etc., to create a story. You have to drag these items to the story board from the tool bar on the left.

You can also show some creativity in your stories with other elements like Robot, trees, fish, animals, different types of clouds, different transport, etc. Once you have completed your story you can save it online. It also lets you share your story with different social accounts or friends using the auto generated link.

Let see how it creates interesting stories.

 How to Create a Cartoon Story and Comics with StoryTop?

Basically, this website lets you create a story or comics with some cartoon pictures and text. A story board is available on the main page where you have to drag the items (backgrounds, images, etc.) from the tool bar on the left. A drop-down menu for adding various items to the board is available on the tool bar.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a “My Stories” section where all your saved stories are visible. You can see the page number on which you are working and change it using the arrow icon below the story board.

Now let me explain the steps for creating the stories using cartoon images and text:

Step 1: The New option provides a blank story board to create a new story.

Step 2: Select images from the drop-down list and drag them to the board. You can add text to the story board as text bubbles.

Steps 3: After adding images and text, you can move to the next page by giving the story a title.

online story maker

Step 4: As soon as you submit the story title, a unique link is generated for sharing the story, as shown below.

Some tricks to create a story with images and text boxes:

  • Images are available in the drop-down box at the left of the storyboard. Drag an image over story board.
  • Drag the image back to selection bar to remove it from the storyboard.
  • Change the size of the image by moving one of the corner grips of the image.
  •  Select the text bubbles from the selection bar and drag it to storyboard. Then add text to this box inside a red border.
  • Click the mouse cursor between the outer border and red border of the text bubbles to move it anywhere on the storyboard.
  • Change the size of the text box by selecting and moving one of the corner grips.


StoryTop is an interesting online story maker. It is very handy to use with its simple interface to create your own cartoon story. You can add various cartoon characters, text, predefined images, etc., to your story boards. You can also show off your creativity by sharing the story with others via the unique URL. But I think it would be better if we can add images of our own choice. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the below comments section.

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