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Online Meme Generator Without Watermark & Post to Reddit, Facebook

Use a free online meme generator which is free and doesn’t add watermark to the generated meme. post meme to Reddit, upload it to Facebook.



Have you ever seen some extremely funny memes on Facebook or Twitter and wondered how to create a one? Then don’t worry, today I will tell you about a very simple and free online meme generator to create a meme without watermark & post to Reddit, Facebook. The online website which I will discuss here calls itself Meme Dad and there are tons of templates available in it that you can use and create your own meme in easy steps. Moreover, you can also upload your own template or photo to create a meme. It lets you use some of the tools which it gives you to create and customize meme text. It allows you to choose a different size and color for the meme text. You can individually define the fill and stroke color for the meme text very easily and the same changes will appear on the meme.

Creating and generating the meme using Meme Dad website is simple. You just have to choose a template from the available ones or if you don’t find any suitable template on the website, then you can upload your own. After creating your meme, you can directly share on Reddit. However, you will not be able to directly share on Facebook. To share the meme to Facebook, you will have to manually upload it to it. Apart from creating a meme using static templates or photos, you can also create animated meme by adding text using the same website. So, it really a fun creating memes using Meme Dad.

How to use meme Dad Online Meme Generator to Create a Meme without Watermark?

Creating memes using Meme Dad, an online meme generator is as easy as painting a random picture in the paint program. Choose a suitable template, add meme text and download the meme. After that, you can share it wherever you want to. You can upload the meme on the social media website like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and have fun with your friends.

Open the homepage of Meme Dad in your browser and you will see a lot of templates there already. Also, you can switch the animated memes tab to see GIF templates for the meme. So, choose any one meme from there and then it will be open in the editing mode so you can add the meme text on it.

meme dad memes template

As you can see it you can define the meme text for the above and bottom part of the meme. Also, you can choose the colors for the various meme text boundaries and fill. And note that it uses Hexadecimal code for defining the color. So, if you are not so good at it, then you can use any hex color chooser for example online Color Picker tool.

meme dad memes created

After you have designed your meme, you can end the process by downloading the meme to your PC by clicking on Create button. Well, not exactly download by default the website allows you to post the generate meme to Reddit. But you can save it to your PC by right-clicking on it and then use the “Save image as..” option.


Meme Dad is one of the best online meme generators that I have ever come across. The biggest advantage of it is that the memes are absolutely free and it doesn’t add the watermark on the finally generated meme. The web interface of the website is also very clean and you will like when you generate your meme using it. So if you want to create a meme, then get up and open Meme Dad website to do the same.

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