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2 GB Free Seedbox to Download Torrents on Your PC

2 GB Free Seedbox to Download Torrents on Your PC

If you are a regular torrent user, then it’s obvious that you will be aware of the whole process of downloading torrents on your PC successfully. What if you are a newbie and can’t download or get stuck in between the process? To remove this trouble of you, today I will tell you a free seedbox service to download torrents on your PC pretty easily. Seedr is the name the seedbox (online torrent downloader) which I will use here and it lets you use 2 GB free storage to download torrents. There is no very long process of downloading files. You only have to use the magnet link or the torrent file to download particular torrent.

Seedboxes are very servers which provide you cloud storage and similar kind of services with them. And Seedr is one of those. It lets you use 2 GB of cloud storage for free. So basically, what you have to do is specify the link or upload the torrent file to it. After that, it will place the corresponding torrent on your cloud storage. And finally, you can get that from there and download it on your system.

Free Seedbox to Download Torrents:

Seedr being the very nice service to download torrents on your PC, you will also love it for its simplicity. There is no complicated process is involved in doing the same. However, you will have to register yourself on it first to use it. You can either use your Facebook account or you can also use your email address.

So, first of all, open homepage of Seedr and then register yourself. After registering, you will be redirected to your account. You will see various options on the web interface of Seedr. You can click on the plus icon to add the magnet link of the torrent that you want to download. Then it will start seeding it and within few second that file will be on your cloud.

seedr seeding start

After that file has been completely transferred to the cloud, you can download it. Just right click on the file and then choose Download option. As you click on that, the download will begin in a moment.

seeder downlaoding

That’s all it takes to download torrents on your PC using a free Seedbox. However, the only limitation is that you will only get 2 GB free storage. To extend the storage, you will have to switch to the premium account. Although, Seedr gives some amount of free storage that you can earn by doing small tasks. You can invite our friends to join Seedr, make a YouTube video, etc.


Seedr is one if the best torrent downloader that I have ever used. Its simplicity and functionality make it a very good pick among all other online torrent downloaders. So, if you wanna try a whole new way of downloading torrents to your PC, then go ahead and give Seedr a try.