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How to Make Free Calls Online, Make Free International Calls

Ever wanted to make an international call for free? Then see how to make free calls online using the online service which is discussed here.



Making phone calls over a carrier is everyone aware of and it is what we usually do. But, if you spend a lot of time on the internet, then you may switch to another nice method to make phone calls for free. Yes, you read it right, and that’s why today I will tell you how to make free calls online. Not only calls in your country, but you will also be able to make free international calls. For this, I will discuss a website here which calls itself Globefone and you can use it to call for free anywhere you want. There is a dialer on its interface which works exactly like your smartphone’s dialer. You choose a country and then dial a number, you will feel like that you are actually calling someone via your phone.

Globefone is quite a simple website which provides some other service besides free international calls. However, other services are not tested by me. The calling feature of the website is all I like and it works nicely.

How to Make Free Calls Online?

Making online calls for free using Globefone is not very complicated. Also, it doesn’t require a prior registration process to let you use its services. You can dial the number of the recipient and then you will hear the phone ringing of that person. After he picks up your phone, you can talk to him/her.

To start making free calls, open the home page of Globefone. After that, you will have to enable microphone and flash on the website. To do this, click on the beginning of the URL box and then from the list allow it to use microphone and flash.

No, use the top right section of the website to make free calls. First, specify the country from the list and then enter the number you want to dial. Click on the Dialer button and it will take a few seconds and will dial your number.

When it’s done, you will hear the ringing of the recipient’s phone. And it’s just a matter of time when he/she picks your phone. That’s how it works and you can use it easily to make free calls online.

globefone phone ringing


To make free calls online, you just need Globefone’s services. The website is very good and even lets you make free international calls. Other services provided by the website like free testing file sharing, are also seems good, but not tested yet. If you are in need to call someone online, then Globefone is a good choice. Free online calls by Globefone are no doubt very interesting and what is more interesting is that you don’t even have to register on it via your phone number or email.

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