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How to Schedule Opening of a Website at a Specific Time in Chrome

Here you will find a handy method to schedule opening of a website at a specific time. A Chrome extension ‘Open Me Later ‘is used here to do the same.



Sometimes while working on the internet we forgot some of our tasks like shopping, receive important files from a friend, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice that the browser reminds us that you have to do something on a website at the specific time? So, today I will tell you an exactly same thing that you can do on your Chrome browser. Today, I will tell you how to schedule opening of a website at a specific time. There is a Chrome extension available that can do this. The name of the extension is Open Me Later and it can open a website at the specific time that you set.

Open Me Later is a quite unique extension for Chrome browser that you can to schedule opening of a website. The extension asks for the URL, date, time and whether you want to open it in a new tab or in a new window. And when the system clock reaches the time specified by you for a website, it will open that website for you automatically. You can add as many websites as you want and the extension will open those for you, However, if you close the Chrome browser, the scheduling will not work. You will have to keep the browser open.

Schedule Opening of a Website at a Specific Time in Chrome:

Open Me Later is a good extension to schedule opening of a website. There is not so much configuration stuff you have to do to make it work. Just specify the time of opening a website and it will open that for you, This beneficial in case of sale. You can schedule any shopping website and get indulge in your usual work. And when its time. it will open that website for you.

To start using Open Me Later, you can add it from Chrome store. After that, you will see its clock-like icon in the toolbar of Chrome. And when you click on it, you will see its interface which has a calendar, clock, and other preferences.

open me later interface

To schedule a website to open it at a specific time, you can open it in the browser window. After that, click on the extension icon and specify the date time at which you want to open that website. After specifying your preferences click on the Open Me Later button to save changes.

open me later in action

Now, when the system clock reaches the time that you have set in the extension, it will open the corresponding website for you.


Open Me Later extension is a very nice piece of Chrome extension that you can use. You can easily schedule opening of a website through it in just a few steps. I generally use this extension at a time of sale. I often set the link to Amazon or another store to open at a specific time. And at the exact same time, it opens the website automatically.

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