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Download all Instagram Photos from any User and Videos with InstaG

See how to download all Instagram photos from any user and videos with InstaG. Use this guide and download Instagram videos & photos quickly



Well, we all love Instagram to post photos and videos few times in a day. But the problem is that there is no way to download photos and videos once you have uploaded it. Also, you cannot download photo and videos of someone else. And that is why it sounds difficult to download photos and videos from an Instagram account. But let me tell you that it not impossible, not anymore. And here I will tell you how to download all Instagram photos from any user and videos. You can use InstaG tool which is nothing but a simple Chrome extension. Using it, you can download almost all photos of an Instagram user.

InstaG is a very nice Chrome extension that works very quickly and smoothly. You have to open the Instagram page of your friend and then you will see the download option there. This Chrome extension collects the photos of your friend and downloads them on your computer by packing them in a ZIP file. Also, it allows you to define a number of photos that you want to download from your friend’s account. Same goes with the videos of your friend that he/she has posted so far.

UPDATE: The extension is no longer available. But, you can still try DownloadGram.

How to Download all Instagram Photos from any User and Videos with InstaG?

All the necessary details about InstaG I have told you already. So, without wasting so much time, let’s see how to use it to download Instagram, photos and Instagram videos. Also, if you lie then you can also see how to download Twitter videos, Facebook videos.

The process of using this InstaG is very simple. Just add InstaG to Chrome from here and then there’s nothing you have to worry about. However, you can opt for certain options like saving the downloaded photos, videos to Google Drive.

So after installing the extension, open the Instagram page of your friend. As you open the page, you will see 3 buttons there. One for downloading all photos, second for downloading all videos, and third for downloading both in one shot.

instag downlaod all instagram photos

Now, it’s your choice whether you want to download photos or videos. After you choose to download all photos or all videos, a pop up will appear asking you to specify the number of photos, videos you want to download. Simply specify the number of photo or videos you want to download, and you are done. InstaG will start the download and a ZIP file will be downloaded. Later on, you can extract that ZIP file and enjoy the photos or videos.

instag downlaod all instagram photos videos

So, that’s easy, isn’t it? You can use InstaG anywhere and anytime you want. However, if you don’t use Chrome browser, then it will be difficult for you to download Instagram videos and photos. But don’t worry, I have a solution for that too. There is a website known as DownloadGram that you can use. The website is pretty simple and straightforward. You need to put the URL of the photo or video you want to download there. After that, it can download that on your device. Simple as that.

Bottom Lines:

There are some of my friends and some entertainment related stuff I see every day on my Instagram feed. But I was depressed as there is no way to download that content until I came across InstaG. Now, I can download Instagram photos and videos seamlessly on my computer and mobile device very easily. And now you can too download all Instagram photos from any user and videos using InstaG.

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