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How to Merge All Active Tabs of Chrome in a Single Tab to Save Memory

Have you encountered slowing down of Chrome during a typical browsing session? then learn to merge all active tabs in one tab to save RAM.



Have you encountered slowing down of Chrome browser during a typical browsing session? Well, it sucks when the whole computer hangs due to a lot of tabs open in the browser. You may know this that each tab consumes a different amount of system memory and in case if you are having lesser RAM installed on your system, then it’s obvious that the system will hang. But, don’t worry now, I have found a way to get rid of this annoying issue. Today I will tell you how to merge all active tabs of Chrome in a single tab. And there is a handy Chrome extension for that which can do this in one click. And h extension ‘s name is OneTab.

OneTab is really a nice extension for Chrome which can save up to 90% of memory. What it actually does is, it combines all the active tabs in one single tab where it organizes them as a list. You can then selectively open the tabs that you want or on which you are working. This is how it works. Whenever you feel that opened tabs of Chrome air causing low system speed, then you can click on the icon of OneTab to merger all active tabs Chrome in a single tab.

Merge All Active Tabs of Chrome in a Single Tab to Save Memory:

OneTab Chrome extension can greatly save a lot of memory consumption which would have consumed by opening a quite number of tabs. Also, the functionality of OneTab not only ends here, it has some other features as well. It allows you to share the OneTab page with others through a QR code or a URL. You can selectively close tabs from the OneTab’s interface and even again bring them back all together in a click.

So get “OneTab” from Chrome store and then add it to your Chrome browser. After when you will see its icon, you can start suing it. So, if you have opened so many tabs in your browser, then you can click on the icon of OneTab and it will combine all the tabs in a single one.

onetab in action

From the single tab that it creates, you can see all the tabs with the title. You can selectively open tabs that you want. If you want to restore them all, then you can also do that.


OneTab makes it pretty easier to get rid of slow system speed due to a lot of consumption of memory by the tabs of Chrome browser. It can greatly reduce the memory usage with just single click. You can easily merge all active tabs of Chrome in a single tab to save memory. If you are facing the same problem, then go ahead and try OneTab.

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