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Take a Free Depression Test Online to Check if you are Clinically Depressed

Take a free depression test online to check if you are clinically depressed. Here is a simple website that asks you some questions and reveal your depression level if you have any.



With the growing age and some terrible accidents or heartbreaks, a person becomes a victim of anxiety and depression. And that depression causes other problems in life that you obviously want to avoid. When a person is in depression, he can’t think straight. All the time the person can only think is so little about himself. In depression, medicines don’t work on the body and it also introduces weakness and over thinking problems. So, if you think you are depressed then you can take a free depression test online to check if you are clinically depressed. The PSYCOM website offers a 3-minute depression test. This test is actually a PHQ 9 questionnaire which contains 9 questions that you have to answer honestly.

In the depression test, you will be given 9 questions with multiple choice answers. And after completing all the questions, there is a report that this website will reveal. In the report, you can see the result of your depression test. There are several levels of depression namely none, mild, moderate, moderately severe, and severe. If the depression level is severe, then I will strongly advise you to see a psychiatrist soon. Or, you can talk to someone close to you who may feel you relaxed and listens to all your problems.

How to Take a Free Depression Test Online to Check if you are Clinically Depressed?

Click here on this link to reach the PSYCOM website. After reaching there, you will see the 9 questions related to some of your habits and some things that you are feeling. You have to take these questions seriously and mark the correct answer honestly.

PSYCOM depression test online free

After you have answered all the questions, click the Next button on the bottom side and it will calculate your depression score. It will take you to the next page where it shows indicator to indicate your depression level. I’ve already mentioned what are the different levels of depression that this website can show.

depression result

Above, you can see a test depression result. If your result is serious, then it’s time to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible. And you need to quickly get over with your depression and start having a happy satisfactory life.  And one of the good ways to be happy is by deleting yourself from social media to give yourself a break.

The Bottom Line:

The depression is very common in youngsters these days, especially in teenagers. Also, it is found in people of age 21-30. But don’t worry depression is something which is 100% treatable. If you start spending time with others and looking for happiness in little things of life, then I am sure that you will never be a victim of anxiety or depression again. And at last, I will say that if you find any person having anxiety then help him/her to get over with that 😀

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