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How To Export Followers List Of A Twitter Account

Ever wanted to download followers of Twitter users like your friends or friends of friends? Then learn how to export followers list of a Twitter account.



Ever wanted to download Twitter followers of other Twitter users like your friend or friends of friends, etc? Then today I will tell you how to export followers list of a Twitter account. To do this, there is a free website calls itself TwitterFollowers. The website requires the Twitter handle/username of the person whose followers you want to download. After all the right details you enter, you will get a CSV-like file which contains the follower’s details. You can see the Twitter usernames of the followers of the target persons, their twitter bio, etc.

How To Export Followers List Of A Twitter Account For Free

The reason to export followers list of a Twitter account can be anything. Just get the Twitter handle of the user whose Twitter followers you wish to get and provide it to the website. After processing, TwitterFollowers website will give you a CSV file that will have all the followers exported of the twitter account that you want. However, there are some problems in the code base of the website, so you will not be able to download followers list having a big count.

Update: The website is no longer available. If I find an alternative, then I will update the article accordingly.

Export Followers List of a Twitter Account for Free:

It’s is very easy to export Twitter followers list of a Twitter account using TwitterFollowers. You don’t really have to do anything to get the followers list. Just provide the Twitter handle and then it will do the rest.

Open web page of TwitterFollowers and then provide the Twitter handle of the account whose followers you wanna get. Now, click on the Export button. The website will take a few seconds and then the CSV file will start downloading automatically.

When you will open the CSV file in MS Excel or any other spreadsheet program, you will see all the names of Twitter followers. Also, you will see other things in the CSV file including Bio, location, the handle of the follower like details.


If you ever wish to export followers list of a Twitter account, then today your wish has fulfilled. TwitterFollowers is a great website which makes it possible to download Twitter followers of any public Twitter account. So go ahead and give it try.

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