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ClipboardToQR can Auto Generate QR Code from Clipboard Contents

See how ClipboardToQR can auto generate QR code from clipboard contents. Just invoke the tool once and QR codes will produce automatically



You may have heard the use of QR codes. And of course, you may have created QR codes for various purposes. But, do you know that you can also create QR code from the clipboard contents? If not, then don’t worry as here I will tell you how to auto-generate QR code from clipboard contents. And ClipboardToQR is a nice tool for Windows which lets you directly convert clipboard content to QR code. The tool is simple and easy to use. However, you cannot save the QR code. Either you can scan QR code with your phone or you can save the screenshot of the tool to save the QR code on your computer.

ClipboardToQR is available for everyone along with its source code. There is just a single executable file that you have to run and start converting clipboard content to QR code. In the tool, you can either opt to generate the QR code manually by clicking on demand or you can let this tool automatically generate QR code for you.

Using ClipboardToQR to Auto Generate QR Code from Clipboard Contents:

ClipboardToQR is a unique tool that anyone has ever used. Also, its function sounds a bit weird. But it is somehow useful as it can help you bulk create QR codes by just copying a line of text, URL, or any other textual data. There is nothing you have to touch in the software except for opting some options.

So, first download ClipboardToQR from here. And then run this tool. Its window will appear and you can make its window appear on Top by clicking on the checkbox. And it starts working as soon as you launch it. Coy some text or URL or anything and as it will get copied to the clipboard, the tool will capture it and will generate an equivalent QR code for you. You can save the QR code by taking the screenshot or you can scan the QR code with your phone.

ClipboardToQR in action

That’s how you can use ClipboardToQR to auto-generate QR code from clipboard contents. It’s just a 2-3 mins play and you will end up converting clipboard content to QR easily.

Bottom Lines:

ClipboardToQR is a unique clipboard related utility that was ever created. It makes it possible to directly convert clipboard contents to QR code. You just have to copy text to the clipboard and rest will be handled by ClipboardToQR itself.

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