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Consolidate your Social Network Accounts with Shuuka for Easy Sharing

See how to consolidate your social network accounts with Shuuka for easy sharing. Use this guide to make a page with all your social links



Did someone ever ask you for your all social accounts? If yes, then I am pretty sure that it should’ve taken hours to do that. This is because you first opened all your social profiles, copy URL, and then share it with your friends. But what if I tell you that there is a smarter way of doing that. So, today I will tell you how to consolidate your social accounts. There is an online tool, calls itself Shuuka that you can use to keep your social networks at one place. And whenever someone asks you for any of our social profile, then you can share your Shuuka page’s URL with him.

Shuuka is also good for people who have a lot of social network profiles and want to show them all on their websites. So, a smarter way will be that, leave a single URL on your website, pointing to your Shuuka page. And whoever want your link to the social profile, he will have that. Shuuka also records the activities to your page. You can see that how many clicks you have got on your social links.

How to Consolidate your Social Network Accounts with Shuuka for Easy Sharing?

Using Shuuka to keep your all links to social accounts is very simple. There is nothing special you have to do. You just have to reach the homepage of Shuuka and follow a simple registration process. Next, you can head over to the dashboard. Form the dashboard, click the “+” from the top and then you will be shown a list of social media networks. Specify the username and URL on the social networking site and save changes. It has almost all the social media platforms. You will find, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Telegram, Spotify, WordPress, Email, Tidle, Airbnb, Medium, Pandora, LinkedIn, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Twitch, SoundCloud, Quora, Disqus, Pinterest, Skype, Deviantart, Lastfm, Dropbox, Paypal, VampireFreaks, and much more.

shuuka adding social accounts

After selecting the social accounts and defining usernames or URLs those will appear on your dashboard. And now you can share your Shuuka page with anyone who asks for your any social network account. And you can share the URL of the Shuuka page in two ways. You can either share the URL of a specific social networks account, or you can share all your social URLs.

For sharing URLs to specific social network, share the link in the following format:

“ network_name” for example “”

For sharing the whole page simp share the URL in the following format.

“” for example “”

shuuka consolidating social accounts

That’s easy, isn’t it? You can always share Shuuka page URL to the others in this way. There is a statistics age to in Shuuka that you can use to track how many people have clicked on your social links. However, you will not be able to track those people as it is completely anonymous.

Bottom Lines:

Shuuka is an amazing tool to consolidate your social network accounts for easy sharing. Now whenever someone asks for your social account URL, just give them that in a different way. Also, this tool will save you a fair amount of time. And if you like social media related content, then you may consider adding about how to post self-destructing tweet, password protected text sharing, Facebook profile pic frame, etc.

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