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How to Transfer Files from PC to PC Over WiFi, LAN

Looking for methods to transferring files between PCs? Then see this simple guide how to transfer files from PC to PC Over WiFi, LAN.



When it comes to transferring files from phone to phone, we have a lot of options there. We can use Bluetooth, WiFi Direct technology to transfer files between the devices. And you know when it comes to talking about file transfer between PC to PC, then everyone goes for the traditional method that is by using Pen drives. But, that’s pretty old technique. And so today I will tell you about how to transfer files from PC to PC over WiFi or LAN in a smart way. No matter if you are using an old desktop or laptop, you will easily transfer files between PC to PC, PC to laptop, PC to mobile phone.

For doing this I will use a free software called Qt Simple Http File Server. The software lets you create and virtual HTTP server and lets you choose files and folders from your PC to share with the other PC. There is just one condition for this software to work and that it both the PCs must be connected to the same WiFi or LAN. And if that happens, they can exchange files easily.

How to Transfer Files from PC to PC Over WiFi, LAN?

Qt Simple Http File Server freeware lets you create a virtual HTTP server and gives you a specific URL. And when you enter that URL in the browser of other PC, you will see the list of files and folder on a webpage. After that, you can download the files in the same way that you download files from other websites. And the best part is that since both the PC are on the same network, the transfer speed will be quite fast. In addition to that, using the software not only two PCs, but all the PCs which are on that network can access that file.

Qt Simple Http File Server also lets you password protects the sharing page. So, if there are multiple PCs connected to a network, the only ones having the username and password will able to download shared files. Apart from that, if you are more concern over your files, then I will suggest you use a virtual drive software to keep your files hidden and safe.

So, first of all, make sure you download Qt Simple Http File ServerAfter that install it and run it. When you run it will ask you to access the network. Simply allow for all Public Networks and Private Networks.

qhfs start

Next, its interface will appear. You can see the File Explorer on the left side. You can use that to locate the file or folder that you want to share. After locating the folder, right-click on it and then hit Share option.

Qt Simple Http File Server sharing file

Next, notice the URL that it shows on the top left side of its interface. You can give the URL to the receiver and he has to enter that URL in its browser. And when he opens that URL he will see the shared files. And he can selectively choose files to download. After selecting files, click on Download button from the top left and the files will be downloaded as a TAR file. Later on, you can open the TAR file using any archiver software like 7-Zip.

Qt Simple Http File Server sharing url

You can also password protect the web page. For that open the preferences of the Qt Simple Http File Server. To do that click Setting –> Preferences. And in the so opened window, you can specify Username and Password. Although, I wouldn’t recommend you to use this option until there really a need of it.

So, this is all about how to transfer files from PC to PC over WiFi or LAN. If you don’t like sharing files between PCs using a flash drive, then go for his. However, if you don’t have some technical knowledge, then you may face some problems. Also, the software is unique of its kind, so it advisable to use it with care.

Note: By default, the sharing page is password protected. You will first have to disable the password. Use the Setting –> Preferences menu of the software to do it.

Bottom Lines:

Qt Simple Http File Server is one best solution to how to transfer files from PC to PC. And I think it is the best way to share files across multiple PCs or mobile phones. I am sure you will find this method useful. So, get up and start using it from today and tell your friends about this unique file sharing method.

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