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Download Torrents Anonymously: Guide to Download Torrent Files on PC

See how to download torrents anonymously with the help of this guide. An online service and a cross platform software are explained here..



The word Torrents indicate a lot more than itself than anyone can explain. Now it is illegal to download torrents from websites which have blocked by the government of various countries. However, there is a lot more useful content on torrent which is legal such as Linux distros. In that case, you need some secure torrent clients. And here I will tell you how to download torrents anonymously. And for that, I will mention an online service to download torrents and a useful torrents downloader software to do the same.

A Torrent is a place where you can find anything easily. But the process of downloading torrent files is not straightforward. Actually, Torrent is a peer to peer to networks. Torrents files are present on some remote servers known as Seeds. The files that you download on your PC actually coming from there. It needs a special algorithm to retrieve those files and most of the torrent downloaders implement that and some of the handy torrent downloaders I will mention here.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously?

Many people nowadays want to keep their identity hidden which accessing torrents from their PC. They use VPNs, Proxies, and other stuff to remain hidden. But actually, this much of work decrease the overall performance of the downloading in many cases. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have the anonymity feature in the torrent client itself? Of course, you will want to switch to that torrent client quickly. And here I will explain about an online and a software to download torrents anonymously.

Download Torrents Anonymously Online with Paranoid-Torrent

Paranoid Torrent is an open source online torrent downloader. It promises anonymity while downloading torrent files. It has an extremely simple user interface on which you can submit the magnet link of the torrent that you want to download. In return, it will process that link and will bring you the file.

paranoid torrent in action

Paranoid torrent before downloading files, it wraps it in ZIP files. And after the files have downloaded successfully, you can unzip it using any archiver software like 7-ZIP.

Paranoid torrent is one of the best tools to download torrents anonymously. And what is the best part about it is that it keeps the process as simple as possible. Also, if in future its website shuts down, then you can also deploy it on your end. That’s the advantage of it being open source.

Visit Paranoid- Torrent from here

Download Torrents Anonymously with Cross Platform Software: Tribler

If you are into the torrent world, then you may have come across various torrent downloaders. And I am sure that you missed Tribler. Tribler is a cross platform torrent downloader that offers you anonymity which downloading files. It uses a TOR like nodes to reach the seeder and creates an encrypted connection between the source and target. You can read about how it provided anonymity here. However, it also claims that the anonymity feature is not thoroughly tested yet. But, of course, in coming updates, I am sure that they will guarantee a good level of anonymity to the user.

tribler in action

Above you can see the front end of Tribler. This torrent downloader works like any other torrent downloader. The one exception is that it comes with an extra feature that is anonymity.

So, if you know how to use torrent clients to download torrent, then I am very sure that you will like this software. The advantage of using Tribler is that you can seamlessly use it on Linux, MAC, and Windows operating systems.

Download Tribler from here.

Bottom Lines:

Now, you must be having an idea about how to download torrents anonymously. The above two tools mentioned will help you. And I would like to add something there as well. If you also want another software to download torrents, then in my opinion use Seedboxes. Seedbox gives you cloud storage to download torrent files. You can use a one, Seedr that gives free cloud storage to store torrents.

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