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Free File Locker App for Windows 10 to Lock Any File

Simple File Locker is a free file locker app for Windows 10 with a simple interface where you can lock any type of files.



Simple File Locker is a free file locker app for Windows 10 with a simple interface where you can lock any type of files. The application provides security by using two passwords. The first one is the Master Password for the application and the second is the Password used to lock files. So its kind of a twofold security for the locked files like documents, images, etc.

This Windows 10 application can be downloaded from the Windows Store or from the URL given above. When you open the application you will run over an interface like the one visible below.

This is the point at which you restart the application after entering a Password. The main screen that you will get will request that you set the Master Password for the application. After that, you will be displayed another Password screen where you need to enter the file lock password. In the wake of entering both the passwords, you are good to go to lock files.

The above screen you will get when you close down the application and restart it. Under the lock file option, there will be a button which says “select file to lock”. This you can see in the below image.

When you click this button, you will have a “Browse” window open up before you. From this window, you can choose the file which you need to lock. When you select the file and tap on “Open”, you will see a message on the application screen that your file has been locked.

In the event that you attempt to open this file on your PC, it will give you an error message. Now, to unlock the file, go to the “Unlock File” tab. The “Unlock Tab” is visible in the screenshot below.

Here, you need to tap on the “Select File” button to unlock. This will also open a “Browse” window. From this window, select the locked file which you need to unlock. After choosing the file and clicking to open, you will get a message on the application interface that the file has been unlocked.

free file locker app

In the “More” tab, you are made a request to rate the application on the Windows Store and another option you will see to change your file lock password. The application plainly says that it doesn’t store any data of the client on their servers and on the off chance that you lose the password then your files will be gone. So, be careful with the password.


Simple File Locker is a helpful application on occasion when you have to lock certain personal or sensitive files. You can likewise lock your files when you realize that other individuals may utilize your PC and you don’t need them to accidentally or intentionally erase or alter it.

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