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Top 3 Websites to Find Best Facebook Messenger Bots

Today, I will talk about top 4 websites to find best Facebook Messenger bots. They list various bots that you can install on FB Messenger.



Today, I will talk about top 3 websites to find best Facebook Messenger bots. These websites list various Facebook bots that you can install on Facebook Messenger. These Facebook bots can help you from looking coupons on the web to getting day by day weather forecasts. Indeed, the limit is perpetual and you can find a great deal of Facebook bots in these bot directory websites.

Some of these websites list bots in various categories like design, communication, analytics, developer tools, education, and numerous others. I am very eager to explain about these Facebook bot directory websites to you and also the distinctive Facebook bots that you can find from them. I am sure that you will love these websites and find some helpful bots for Facebook Messenger.

The best thing about these websites is that you can even discover bots for Android, Telegram, Slack, Kik, and numerous other platforms.


Botlist is a free website that is a vast directory of Facebook bots. You can find various diverse Facebook bots on this site. It lists bots in various categories like file management, education, analytics, developer tools, finance, and more. Here, you can browse these categories on Botlist to get a bot that will help you do tasks inside from your Facebook Messenger.

When I opened Botlist, I found some astounding bots such as Pokemon GO bot to get help in turning into a Pokemon expert in Social & Fun classification, Decodemoji to translate emojis in its entertainment classification, and numerous others. You may have a thought regarding different sorts of valuable Facebook bots that you can find from this free Facebook bot directory website.

You don’t have to register on this website to search and install Facebook bots. To install a Facebook bot simply visit the URL given above and choose a category. When you will open a specific category, then you see various distinctive Facebook bots. Select a Facebook bot for installation and afterward tap on “Messenger” button. After that, it will open Facebook Messenger and you can begin using that bot. You can also browse bots for other platforms like Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, etc.

Bot Finder:

Bot Finder is a free Facebook bot directory website that provides various Facebook bots. It additionally offers various distinctive Facebook bots, however, it doesn’t show them in categories, similar to Botlist. So it can turn into somewhat tricky to its diverse Facebook bots, however in the event that you are searching for a specific Facebook bot then you can use the search box to search for the bot.

Amid my testing of Bot Finder, I ran over various exiting bots such as BFFTrump bot which returns data of Donald trump proclamations, Alex WikiMessenger which returns Wikipedia article URLs for each word you send to it,  and so forth. You can browse more Facebook Messenger bots by going to the URL mentioned above.

The procedure for installing Facebook bots from Bot Finder is similar to Botlist. Go to the URL given above and select any Facebook bot that you need to install in Facebook Messenger. Then its description is shown and you can click Add to Messenger button to install that Facebook bot. It also provides bot for Skype, Slack, telegram, etc. is another Facebook bot directory website. You can browse this site to find various chat bots for Facebook Messenger and interact with them.

find best facebook messenger bots

To install a chat bot in Facebook from this free website, visit its landing page from the URL given above. From that point onward, select your local language and Facebook as the required platform from filters. Then select a Facebook bot and tap on the URL given below the description to install it. It also provides bots for Slack, Kik, Skype, Twitter, etc.


This article explains top 3 Facebook bot directory websites. You can browse these Facebook bot indexes and find some valuable bots and install them to Facebook Messenger. I for one like Botlist as it lists tons of Facebook bots in various categories.

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