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How to Verify if an Article is Clickbait or not on Facebook, YouTube

See How to Verify if an Article is Clickbait or not on Facebook, YouTube. Read this guide to automatically mark posts on FB are clickbait



Clickbaits on Facebook are increasing day by day. Though Facebook is trying to deal with it and it will take some time to completely remove it. But till then how will you identify whether a URL on Facebook is a clickbait? Well, to answer this question, I am writing this guide. Here I will tell you about what is a clickbait? and how to verify if an article is clickbait or not on Facebook, YouTube. As the name suggests, clickbait in the online world is a term that people use to an activity whose main purpose is to get users to click on a URL and go to a website. This is mainly for increasing website traffic and for attracting users.

And if you are browsing Facebook on Chrome browser, then luckily there is an extension available to deal with clickbaits. The extension calls itself This is Clickbait and it uses some deep learning techniques on headlines of articles on Facebook. And if it finds some article to be a clickbait, then it marks it as clickbait and if not then it marks it as “Not a Clickbait”. While browsing your newsfeed, you will see what content on is a clickbait and which isn’t.

How to Verify if an Article is Clickbait or not on Facebook, YouTube?

This is Clickbait Chrome browser extension is an awesome clickbait detector for Facebook. It works in a very simple way and takes care of most of the part itself. You just have to add it in your browser and let it be the way it is. It makes the articles and URLs on Facebook as Clickbait or Not Clickbait. It adds an overlay label on the post which it thinks is clickbait.

To make this extension work on your PC, firs, add This is Clickbait to Chrome from here. Next, after ensuring successful installation of the extension, you are good to go. Open Facebook and start browsing in the same way as you usually do. When you come across some posts which are actually clickbait, then you will know it. It either marks a pot as a clickbait by showing the percentage of the clickbaitness. Or, it simply flags that post as clickbait. Also, if a post is not a clickbait, then you will know that too. Get an idea how This is Clickbait works by seeing this image.

Clickbait identification in action

Now, you know how to verify if an article is clickbait or not on Facebook. This is Clickbait extension is a very good tool to do that.

Bottom Lines

This is Clickbait extension is one true solution to how to verify if an article is clickbait or not. And proofs what it says by easily identifying clickbaits on Facebook. Not only Facebook, it works with YouTube too. If you like Facebook too much, then I will suggest you read how to download an album from Facebook, how to reject all pending requests once, etc.

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