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How to Make Stop Motion Video on Windows 10 Computer

See how to make stop motion video on Windows 10 computer. Use this guide and the tool mentioned to craete stop motion video from phots or captured web camera images



I hope that you know the differences between a stop motion video and time-lapse video. There are features to create time-lapse video on your smartphone. But if you want to create a stop motion video then this guide will help you. JellyCam is a free tool to create stop-motion videos on your Windows 10 computer. It lets you import a sequence of photos from the hard disc and create the final stop motion video. However, it uses FLV format to create the final video which may not work on your mobile device. To see this stop-motion video on your mobile, you have to convert that to MP4.

JellyCam lets you change the sequence of the photos and even allows you to change the frame rate per second. You can import as many photos you want, arrange them in a sequence, and export the final stop motion video. This tool is as simple as it could get. You can not only create stop motion video from existing photos, but you can even use your web camera to capture images live and create stop motion video from it.

How to Make Stop Motion Video on Windows 10 Computer and Online?

Making stop motion video is simple using JellyCam. Once you get your hands on it you can always create a stop motion video from your photos or by capturing images. And in the final stop motion video, it allows you to add an MP3 audio has a background. You can add any music to your final stop motion video. Also, with the background music, it also allows you to add a title screen at the beginning of the video.

To use uninstall JellyCam on your computer, you need to install Adobe AIR on your computer. And then you can proceed with installation of this stop-motion video making tools for windows. Simply download JellyCam and install it. You can launch it at the moment you have installed it.

jellycam the main interface

Now, the next part is to start creating the stop-motion video. So, start importing the photos from your computer to the workspace. You can add as many photos as you want and arrange the sequence. Also, you can add the sound to the video if you want. However, you need to provide an MP3 file for that.

jellycam free stop motion video maker

You can see the state of the JellCam on my Windows 10 laptop. I tried to create a stop motion video and it beautifully created it. Entertain take so much time to process that and I loved it.

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The Bottom Line:

JellyCam is really nice stop motion video maker tool for Windows 10 computer. I totally enjoyed it while creating the video for me. And I really like that for the simplicity of work that it offers you. You don’t even need to have deep knowledge of computer in video editing to use it. Just add your photos or capture them using web camera and you are good to go.

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