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Enlarge Image Without Losing Quality Online using Waifu2x

See how to enlarge image without losing quality online. Here is a handy online tool is mentioned that you can use to upscale an image to 2X



Sometimes when you see a small image and wish if you can have the same image in large size. There are some tools available online that can enlarge your image but unfortunately, nothing satisfied me except for Waifu2x. The tool works very well, and you can use it to enlarge image online without losing quality. However, it can only enlarge an image to double its size. And apart from enlarging an image, it can also reduce noise from an image quite easily. Or, you can apply both the operations on the image simultaneously.

Waifu2x is an open source tool and can greatly enlarge an image to double its size pretty quickly. If you want, you can sneak into its code and see how it works. You can find its code base on GitHub. Also, the process is using this tool to enlarge an image is very easy. That is because of its user-friendly interface and easy to configure enlarging options.

Enlarge Image Without Losing Quality Online:

Waifu2x can upscale the desired image to double its size in just a few seconds. And I like that there is no annoying prior sign-up is needed to upscale your image. After it converts your image, you can preview it and e=finally download it.

So, go to the website of Waifu2x and then upload your image you want to enlarge. There are some options to specify how much magnification you want in the final image. Also, you can opt to remove noise from the image if there is any. You can specify the magnification to 1.6 or 2x as there are two different options for this.

waifu2x enlarge image online

After you have specified magnification level, go through the captcha process, verify it and hit the button to convert your image. Finally, when the process is finished, simply download the image.

You won’t face any trouble while using the tool. You will end up enlarging your image and that’s very easy with Waifu2x.

Bottom Lines:

Waifu2x is a simple and useful to enlarge image without losing quality online. The tool is quite handy and fairly simple to understand. You can start using it today and enlarge your images in a few clicks. For images related content, you can see our other posts like downloading images from a webpage, Bing wallpaper downloader, image resizer software, etc.

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