Auto Retweet Tweets Having a Specific Hashtag via Free Twitter Bot

Do you like to put Twitter on autopilot? Well, that can be done with the help of some Twitter bots. I have already written about a Twitter bot that can automatically favorite tweets with a particular hashtag. If you want to automatically retweet tweets on Twitter, then here I am again with the free Twitter bot. And I will tell you how to automatically retweet tweets having a specific hashtag. You just have to run it once and specify the number of tweets to retweet.

Putting your Twitter account on autopilot with the help of bots is helpful in some cases. The first reason is that it will save you a lot of time. And the second reason is that you don’t have to really interact with your Twitter account in order to accomplish some tasks. Just deploy the Twitter bot once and it will keep doing work on your behalf.

How to Auto Retweet Tweets Having a Specific Hashtag via Free Twitter Bot?

TwitterAutoRetweet bot makes a connection to your Twitter account using API. And then it starts its work. It and grabs the tweets on Twitter that contain specified hashtag and automatically retweet them. And it does that in just a couple of seconds.

Now, without wasting so much time let’s just get started. The first step before actually deploying the bot, you need to create a Twitter app first. By creating a Twitter app, you will get Twitter API keys and tokens that the bot will use. Head over to this article.

TwitterAutoRetweet bot requires Python to run. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Python on your computer. After installing Python, clone the GitHub repository of the TwitterAutoRetweet bot.

Now you will see two files in the repository namely; ‘’ and ‘’. Open the ‘’ file and then insert the Twitter API credentials that you have generated. Place the consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret.

insert the API keys for twitter botOpen the ‘’ file and modify the hashtag that you want to look for in the tweets. Define your own hashtag at line number 15. Save the changes and exit.

change source code to auto retweet

Now, the bot is ready to work. Open a command prompt and run the bot by running the “python” command. The boat will connect to the Twitter API and will fetch them and will retweet them. It will show you the id of the tweets that it has retweeted. And it will exactly retweet the same number of tweets that you have specified in the source code.

twitter auto retweet bot

You can invoke this twitter bot any time. But I will suggest you not to use it for retweeting a lot of tweets. This will be considered as abusing to Twitter API and in turn, Twitter will block your application.

The Bottom Line:

The TwitterAutoRetweet bot is the fastest way to retweet specified number of tweets having a specific hashtag specified by you. This is an amazing Twitter bot for you. Invoking this bot is very simple and you will enjoy it. If you want to feel how automation feels, then you can try this bought at your end on whatever computer you are using. And I am sure you will start loving it as I do.

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