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How to Use Facebook Messenger Live Location Feature

In this post, we will see how to use Facebook Messenger Live Location feature. You can share your live location for 60 minutes with friends.



In this post, we will see how to use Facebook Messenger Live Location feature. Recently, we have seen a major update to WhatsApp where it has added a new Live Location feature which enables you to share your location with others in real-time. But, did you know that this feature was already integrated into Facebook Messenger? Yes, it has been quite a long since the feature was added to Facebook Messenger. This means you can also share your location live and let your friends and family track you in real-time.

It lets you share your live location for around 1 hour and the person with whom you have shared it will be able to track you on the map until the time runs out. Not only you can share live location to a single user, but even with an entire group in Facebook Messenger. The users will also see how far you are and get navigational directions to your exact location on a map.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Live Location Feature:

The Live Location option is only accessible on the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android. I will use this feature on my Android phone.

To begin, open Facebook Messenger and after that open a chat with any friend for sharing live location. Now, tap on the Plus symbol at the bottom corner and select Location from the app list.

After you have done that, a map will open and below the map, there will be an option “Share Live Location for 60min”. Now, you can just tap on this option and your live location will be shared with your friend. You can also monitor how much time is remaining for the live location to get stopped automatically. If you don’t use the Facebook Messenger app after sharing live location then also the live location will remain shared.

The user will receive a message with your live location. He or she can tap on the message to open the map and track your exact live location in real-time. You can also open the message anytime you want and stop sharing the live location even before the 60 minutes duration is over.


These are the steps that you can use now to share your live location with your friends on Facebook Messenger app. Sharing your live location can be very useful sometimes like if you’re visiting unknown places and want to let your close ones know where exactly you are, and so forth.

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