How to Browse Quora Anonymously on Google Chrome

In this post, well will know how to browse Quora anonymously on Google Chrome with the help of a Chrome extension Anonymous Quora Browsing.



In this post, well will know how to browse Quora anonymously on Google Chrome. Talking about Quora, Quora is the most famous website for asking questions, suggestion, etc from other users online. But the most irritating part is, in order to search or take a look at any question, you are supposed to sign-up on Quora. If you are not interested in signing-up on it, then you won’t be able to see the question. Signing-up is really a time-taking job and most of the users don’t like doing that. Because of that, you often lose your interest in knowing the solution from Quora. So, now in this tutorial, I will tell you about how you can use Quora, without even signing up for it.

Now, using Quora without signing up is possible with the help of Google Chrome extension Anonymous Quora Browsing. This extension allows you to browse quora anonymously without even signing in/signing up. This extension basically blocks the ‘sign in/sign up box’ the moment it shows up. You can actually see the box for almost half second, and then it disappears.

How to Browse Quora Anonymously on Google Chrome?

When you visit Quora for any query, this is the result you get. A box pops up on the screen which asks you to sign in, and hides all the texts behind. Because of which you are unable to see anything behind.

Now, open the Web Store and install Anonymous Quora Browsing extension on Google Chrome.

After installing this extension, Quora won’t ask you to sign in or sign up again. You can actually browse quora anonymously. After that, just keep on surfing and searching for your answers.

NOTE: This won’t work if you visit directly. First, type your question on Google and from there you can open all the links of Quora.

To search your query, go to Google and then type your query there. Make sure to write “Quora” at the end so that link from Quora will be provided there. After when the link appears, just go on it. If you wish to search any other question, just type that in the search box at Quora, and you will get your results. You don’t even need to sign up for it.


Anonymous Quora Browsing is surely a useful tool. Usually, you have to first create Quora account or sign in on Quora in order to search your query. But now this problem has been solved and on the other hand, time is also saved. So, if you are always in a hurry and search a lot of questions on Quora, then this extension is surely for you.

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