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Cortana Can Tell Which Song is Playing Near You [PC][Phone][Windows 10]

See how Cortana can tell which song is playing near you using your Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 phone in a few seconds



Cortana is one of the best digital assistants for Windows 10 users. We all know that but are we really aware of all of its features? Hell no of course! But today I will enlighten you with such a nice and interesting feature of Cortana that you will fall in love with. Here I will tell you how Cortana can tell which song is playing near you. However, this is an old feature but still, some users don’t know about it and that is why I am writing about it here. If you are a Windows 10 PC user or Windows 10 Phone user (like me) then you can ask Cortana which song is playing near you. It will listen for that song and will immediately tell you about that.

Cortana has already brought some interesting features before and song identifier feature is amazing too. You can identify almost any playing song that it can hear. And that too with just a simple voice command or there is a simple button is given to do that. However, here I would like to mention something. The song identifier feature if Cortana is not enabled in every region. The music identification via Cortana only works in countries: US, CA, AU, GB, FR, IT, DE, ES, AR, AT, BE, BR, DK, FI, IE, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PT, SE, and CH. If your country is any of them then here is good news that you can identify songs via Cortana.

How Can Cortana Tell Which Song is Playing Near You?

If you your location doesn’t fall on the list I have mentioned, then you can change your location. In Windows 10, you can change your region by going into the settings (Settings > System > Region). And finally, then you will be able to identify which song is playing near you using Cortana. And if it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to disable Cortana for good.

Open your phone invoke Cortana and say “what’s the song”. Alternatively, you can also press the music note button on the top side of Cortana.

Invoke cortana to identify song

Cortana will now start listening to the song and when it has identified it, you can see the result on your screen. It will show you the song title, cover art, and some other additional information. See below.

Cortana identified song playing nearby

Do you catch that? I think that’s the pretty cool feature that Cortana can actually tell you which song is playing nearby. If you are curious to know what song is playing in the coffee shop, or at your friend’s house, just call Cortana and it will do the rest.

The Bottom Line:

At first, when I heard about this feature, I was really amazed to know that Cortana can tell which song is playing near me. And it is indeed a superb feature and now you will not have to carry an extra app like Shazam, to do this job. Whenever you listen to an unknown song, just open Cortana and ask her to identify that dog for you. And she will do that for you in a few seconds.

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