How To Send Anonymous Email Using A Temporary Address, Attachments

Ever wanted to send an anonymous email just like you see in some movies or TV series? Well yes, it is possible as there are some services which let you do this. And with the same intentions, today I will tell you how to send anonymous email using a temporary address. Actually, there is a free website, calls itself Guerrilla Mail. It lets you send email using a temporary email address and also lets you see the reply of that mail. The email can be composed in the same manner as you normally do in Gmail,, Yahoo, etc.

Guerrilla Mail is a unique web service, which lets you send an email to anybody from an unknown email address. The email that it sends, lands in the primary inbox of the recipient. The recipient can also reply to the email and you can see it on the web interface of Guerrilla Mail. You can don’t have to create an account or register yourself on this website to get it working. It doesn’t work like that. And it doesn’t ask any identity, email address or phone number. However, the email that you create will only be available for only 1 hour.

Send Anonymous Email Using A Temporary Address

Send Anonymous Email Using a Temporary Address, Add Attachments:

Guerrilla Mail is quite a powerful site to send an email from a different identity. But, let me remind you that, do not misuse this service for threatening or teasing others. You can use this service to play funny pranks, register on websites which require email verification in order to make an account, etc.

I have mentioned it that how to use it, there is no Sign-Up or registration is necessary. When you visit Guerrilla Mail’s website, it will create a temporary email for you. On its web interface, you will find various sections to compose emails, receive emails, etc.

Send an email through it using the Compose Mail option. And the recipient will receive that email in his primary inbox.

compose email guerrilla mail

The temporary email address will work for 1 hour, so if the recipient reply to the email you have sent, then the reply to the email will also appear there.

guerrilla mail reply

This is all about how to send anonymous email using a temporary address.


Guerrilla Mail is a very awesome website to send anonymous email using a temporary address. And for some days, I have been searching for this kind of service. Then suddenly, I came across this unique piece of a website which lets you send an email from an unknown identity. And what made me fall in love with it is that the email sent by it lands in the primary inbox of the user. You can also receive an email from the recipient. However, the only limitation is that our email will live for only one hour.

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