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How To Create A Legacy Contact On Facebook

How to create a Legacy Contact on Facebook

No doubt, Facebook has become a very popular platform to share what you are feeling or doing. You use it every day and spend a lot of time to post photos, statuses, stories, and much more. But, what happens in case you pass away? who will take care of your Facebook account then? Don’t worry now, because Facebook has added an option of Legacy contact in it to deal with that situation. And today I will tell you how to create a Legacy contact on Facebook.

How to create a Legacy Contact on Facebook feat

Legacy contact is actually nothing but a family member or a friend of yours whom you choose to look after your Facebook account when you pass away. The person whom you choose your Legacy contact will not have full access to your Facebook account, but he/she will be able to do some little things. Your Legacy contact can respond to friend request, pin a post to your timeline, update profile picture, cover photo, etc. So, let’s see how to create a Legacy contact on Facebook.

How to create a Legacy Contact on Facebook?

It’s pretty simple to create a legacy contact on Facebook. And it is the built in feature of Facebook, so you don’t have to use any app or service to do the same. All it needs is the availability of a person in your friends list.

To set up Legacy contact, open Facebook and login to your account. After that, open settings, and find the Legacy contact option under the Security section. Click on it and then a text box will appear where you have to type the name of the person that you like to have as your Legacy contact.

facebook legacy contact

Now, when you entered the name of the Legacy contact, that person will manage your account after you pass away. And also Facebook allows you to send a message to your legacy contact person. Or, you can also opt to send the message later.

facebook legacy contact


If you were worried about what will happen to your Facebook account after you pass away, then from now on, you will not worry about that so much. I have told you how to create a legacy contact on Facebook. So, go ahead and add a legacy contact to your Facebook account and make your profile everlasting one.