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Social Media Hacks – Downloading Videos From Facebook Easily

In this post, we will talk about an easiest way to download videos from Facebook with the help of Inflact an intuitive tool.



In 2022, Facebook is in the top 5 social networks. The number of users exceeds three billion and every day the platform is updated with new useful content. And if this social network provides many options for posting photos, videos and text, then saving such content is still impossible with internal tools.

How to Save Videos for Offline Use

Sometimes it becomes necessary to save early published content. It can be someone else’s video that you are interested in or your own clip that you accidentally deleted from your computer or smartphone. If you are questioning how to download video from Facebook,  use Inflact. This free online service was designed so that any user with minimal computer skills can get the required clip in just a couple of clicks.

To download video Facebook, first copy the link to the post where the video is shared. Then paste the URL into the window on the main page of the site and click the Search button. You won’t have to wait long. Literally in a few seconds, depending on how fast your Internet file is, it will already appear on your device.

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The most important advantage of this service is that it is completely safe. You do not run the risk of catching some kind of virus that will damage your computer, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, the user who posted the video will never know that it was downloaded. Complete anonymity is guaranteed. However, this does not mean that you can violate copyright and then publish this video under your own name. If you post this clip on your social networks, always indicate the link to the author. So you’re not breaking the law.  And of course, you can download any video from Facebook with this tool for your personal offline use.

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