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Facebook Account Switcher to Switch Between Multiple Accounts

In this article, you will learn about a new feature of Facebook called Facebook Account Switcher. This feature allows you to easily switch between multiple accounts without having to log out of each account manually.



Facebook has been lately introducing some of the best features users have been looking for like Snooze, Secret Group, Did You Know, and so forth. And recently, thinking of the people who have multiple accounts, they have added another game-changing feature called “Facebook Account Switcher“. This feature allows users to switch between accounts without having to log out of each account manually. When you select a different account, it automatically signs you out of the current account and asks for only the password of the newly selected account. It does it on purpose so that no one can get unauthorized access to your other accounts.

It is currently available on the Facebook Web only. It means you can use this feature in the browser only and not on the Facebook app for smartphones. Facebook Account Switcher sits at the top bar and lets you connect multiple accounts. Afterwards, you can use it to switch between the added accounts with a single click. Some people might use one of those third-party browser extensions or software to switch Facebook accounts easily, but they always raise a security risk for your account getting hacked or compromised. So, Facebook took this into consideration and create this new feature for its web interface.

Update: For those people, who can’t see the Facebook Account Switcher would need to do a simple thing. Open Facebook on your Chrome (or other) browser and sign in to your Facebook Account. After that, simply sign out of that account and sign with your other account. As soon as you do that, you can now see the Facebook Account Switcher icon at the top. This way, you can add more accounts and switch with ease.

Here’s how to use it.

How to Use Facebook Account Switcher to Switch Between Multiple Accounts?

Step 1: To begin, open Facebook web interface on your browser. You will now see a new “Facebook Account Switcher” button at the top bar on the left of the Home button.

facebook account switcher

Step 2: You can click on this button to add multiple Facebook accounts. It shows your current account and an option called Add Account. You can select this option and add your new account by logging in.

Step 3: Now, when you’re using one Facebook account and want to switch to another account, all you have to do is click on the “Facebook Account Switcher” button and select that account. It will automatically use the username or email id and just ask you to enter the password for that account. At that time, it also automatically signs you out of the account you were using currently.


Now, you know how to use the Facebook Account Switcher feature to switch between multiple Facebook account. The fact that it automatically logs you out of the currently used account is pretty great than leaving you logged in to all the added accounts. This reduces security and unauthorized access risk at all time. Hope, it helps.

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