How to Send Self Destructing Message on Facebook Messenger App

In this post, we will discuss how to send self destructing message on Facebook Messenger app. The simple steps in this post will help you effortlessly send self destructing messages on Facebook Messenger app (both Android and iOS) which will auto disappear after a particular time allotted by you. There is no direct option on Facebook Messenger app to send self destructive messages, but you can do it using the new “Secret Conversations” feature on Messenger app.

The main purpose of this feature is to provide end-to-end encryption for your messages. In any case, aside from offering security, this feature likewise enables you to send self destructing messages which can vanish after a particular time interim. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work on the web app of Facebook Messenger which means it is exclusive to mobile apps.

self destructing message

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How to Send Self Destructing Message on Facebook Messenger App?

Step 1: To begin, open Facebook Messenger app on your phone and after that press the “Profile” symbol at the top corner. Then move down on that screen and you will see a “Secret Conversations” option. Enable this option by tapping on it.

Step 2: When you have activated “Secret Conversations”, go to Home tab and tap on the “Message” icon. Then it will request that you pick a recipient with whom you need to start the conversation. Before choosing a recipient, you have to toggle the Lock icon at the top corner to open Secret Conversation screen.

Step 3: When the secret conversation begins, you will have the option to send text messages, stickers, documents, emojis, etc. as you regularly do in normal chat. In any case, every one of the messages will be encrypted using the end-to-end encryption feature. On the Secret Conversation screen, you will observe a “Clock” icon which is generally not visible in a normal chat on Facebook Messenger app.

Step 4: Now, you have to just tap on the “Clock” symbol to assign the time interval for self destructing messages. You can choose the time as 5 secs, 10 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, 5 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, 6 hrs, 12 hrs, or 1 day. Suppose, you have chosen the time duration for 5 minutes then the messages you send to the recipient will vanish after 5 minutes automatically.


These are some of the steps which you need to follow to send self destructing message on Facebook Messenger app. Use the Secret Conversations feature and choose time intervals as you need for making the messages disappear. You don’t have to manually delete conversations on Facebook Messenger anymore.