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Remove Spaces in Excel: Trim Leading, Trailing, Excess Spaces in Excel

See how to how to Remove Spaces in Excel (Leading, Trailing, & Excess Spaces). In just a single click remove spaces from sheet, cells, range.



Microsoft Excel is the best of all tools available on this planet for handling spreadsheet data. Microsoft came up with such a nice tool that you can use to create, open, and view spreadsheets. However, Microsoft Excel does not come with certain features, especially when it comes to deal with spaces in cell value. So, if you end up having unnecessary spaces in the cells of your sheet, you can remove spaces in Excel with the help of ASAP utilities. And in this guide, I will tell you how to remove leading, trailing, and excess spaces from your Excel sheet. Spaces mainly occur during a conversion process, let’s say PDF to Excel conversion. And you can trim them all with the help of this guide.

ASAP Utilities is a very handy Excel add-in that comes with a lot of features. Not only removing spaces but you will find a lot of other functions in this add-in related to text number, and cell, etc. There is a special feature and decided to remove unwanted spaces. And I will use this same functionality of decided to remove leading, trailing, excess spaces. And to do that there is not a very complex process is there. You can get rid of unnecessary spaces in your Excel sheet in just a few clicks. And don’t worry the ASAP Utilities and it works with every version of Excel from Excel 2000 to 2016.

How to Remove Spaces in Excel (Leading, Trailing, & Excess Spaces)?

ASAP Utilities is not actually a fully free software. You cannot use it for commercial purposes. However, it is free for educational and home use to remove spaces in Excel.

Using it is pretty handy. It can work on a range for the selected cells in a sheet. Have a look at these steps to see how it work. Before that, make sure you download ASAP Utilities from here. After installing it open Excel and load the sheet in which you want to fix spaces.

Step 1: On your sheet, select cells having irregular spaces. Or, you can select an entire range.

select unneccessary spaces data

Step 2: Click on ASAP Utilities tab from Excel and click on the 11th entry from the Text drop down. The 11 the entry is Delete leading, trailing, and excessive spaces.

Invoke ASAP utilities

As soon as you click on it, it will adjust all the spaces from the specified range.

ASAP utilities leading trailing extra spaces are fixed

So, this how you can easily remove spaces in Excel and that too free. ASAP Utilities makes it very easy for you to remove leading, trailing and extra spaces from an Excel sheet, selected cells and from a specific range.


ASAP Utilities lets you remove spaces in Excel. Any type of spaces whether leading, trailing, excessive, you can get rid of them all. All you have to do is just invoke the add-in with a click. And rest of the process of the process it will handle itself.

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