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How to Identify Parts of Speech In a Sentence In English

In this post, we will see how to identify parts of speech in a sentence in English using a website named “English Syntax Highlighter”.



In this post, we will see how to identify parts of speech in a sentence in English using a free website “English Syntax Highlighter. It highlights the Parts of Speech like noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc., in different colors. It works as a Syntax highlighter for English sentence. It can handle any sentences (even the tricky sentence) easily and quickly.

It has simple user interactive page. You just have to type or copy sentence inside the black colored box at the main page, as shown in the below screenshot.

It helps in finding out the different types of parts of speech used in English and helps you to find out the mistakes. So, the website called “English Syntax Highlighter” helps you to improve your literature.

How to Identify Parts of Speech Using This Website?

As above screenshot shows that main interface of this website is divided into two sections for proper displaying of parts of speech. A black box can be viewed in the left part which is the main part of the website. It displays the highlighted parts of speech in different colors. And, right part of the website contains information for identifying the parts of speech or you could say that it is just like the “Help Menu”.

Suppose you got an English paragraph and you want to see various parts of speech used in that Paragraph. Then just copy or type the whole text with the help of keyboard inside the black box. After completing the entries of text, ”click outside the black box” or press “Tab” for refreshing the highlights. And, each word of whole text gets highlighted in different colors.

Each color represents the different parts of speech like, blue color denotes particle, white color denotes number, brown color denotes conjunction, etc. It highlights adverb, noun, adposition, determiner, interjection, particle, punctuation, verb, unknown, numbers, conjunction, adjective of a sentence. You can find the list of colors with their respective meanings at the main page of the website. Below screenshot represents the color for each part of speech.

This website uses simple language processing to find the parts of speech. So, it is capable to highlight the parts of speech in a tricky sentence too. For example, a tricky sentence with highlighted syntax “Read rhymes with lead, and read rhymes with lead, but read and lead don’t rhyme, and neither do read and lead“, is shown in the following image.

parts of speech in a sentence


This free website to identify parts of speech seems in a sentence is useful in order to highlight the syntax used in English sentences. It is easy to find any syntax as it highlights same types of syntax in the same color. Also, it helps in monitoring the syntax errors and helps to understand the different type of syntax used in a sentence easily.

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