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Now Create Real-Time Polls for free and Add Image, Video in Polls

You can now create real-time polls for free and add image, video in polls. Use the tool that has been explained here to create online polls



When it comes to creating polls online, I am sure that you may have used some online tools. But, the problem is that you cannot specify images or videos in those polls. That is why you need to consider other alternatives to get this. And today I will tell you about how to create real-time polls for free and add an image, video in polls. However, for video, you can only use YouTube URL in our poll. And the website that I am gonna use here is Polltab and it is kinda simpler one that can make your life super easy.

There are some security concerns as well in Polltab that you can take advantage of. If you want unique polls, you can enable IP filtering and for more security, you can even add CAPTCHA to your poll. Apart from this, the other features of polls remain at their place. The list of features of Polltab doesn’t only end here! There are some more things in it. You can embed Facebook login in your vote, hide results till voting ends, and give a date when the poll should end. The poll is public, so after it will end, the users will be able to see the results.

How to Create Real-Time Polls for free and Add Image, Video in Polls?

Polltab has already made itself to be a lot easier for you. There is literally nothing at all like sign up for an account or register username, password, etc. You just get a simple form that you have to fill out by specifying the polls, the options, and the video and the image.

Visit the homepage of Polltab and then you can start creating your poll. Specify the image or video or even no media in your poll and fill out the poll options. You can add many options if you want. So, just proceed with the poll creation and when you are done, simply publish your poll.

Create Real-Time Polls polltab poll settings

A thing to be noted here that you are allowed to add a CAPTCHA, Facebook login, etc., in your poll to make it secure. So, opt for these options if you think and then finally publish the poll. Give the URL of the poll to the people and they will vote and when the vote finishes, the result will be there.

The Bottom Line:

Polltab has made it a lot easier to create polls online and embedding images, video in them. There is a simple process to create polls and I was like amazed to see that without any sign-up or log in I can really create a good-looking live poll for my audience.

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